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Check out the Tournament World Ranking based on scores from live competitions!

The Minesweeper Wiki has a complete history of international minesweeper tournaments.

Tournament Results

Results from previous minesweeper tournaments can be found here:
Budapest 2005
Budapest 2006
Budapest 2007
Budapest 2008

Vienna 2005
Vienna 2006
Vienna 2007
Vienna 2008

Moscow 2007
Moscow 2008
Moscow 2009
Moscow 2010
Moscow 2011
Moscow 2012
Moscow 2013
UK 2009
UK 2011

Shanghai 2007
Munich 2010
Zurich 2011
Munich 2012

Tournament History

The first international Minesweeper Tournament took place in 2005 in Budapest. Gergely Nagy advertised the competition and rented a room from the University of Economics. Several international players missed flights and a potential sponsor left, but the tournament was a great success. Players took part in a session for Intermediate and a session for Expert, with the quickest five scores of each being counted for the total. Six of the nineteen players were from the World Ranking and the event was won by Damien Moore. One competitor, Christoph Marx, soon decided to host a competition in Vienna. Eight players took part that July in a tournament won by Oliver Scheer.

Since then, Budapest and Vienna have each hosted annual events. The first Vienna tournament required the total to be a sum of the best twelve games. Budapest II seperated international and Hungarian players, making international players compete an extra hour and compared their best twelve games. A Nonosweeper session was introduced and trophies were awarded. Vienna II introduced automated live results on a screen during the competition.