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The minesweeper IRC chatroom is a popular place to meet other players. You can even upload Arbiter and Clone scores into the channel using the Minesweeper History Add-On. Possible ways to visit the chatroom include:

1) Chat online.

2) Install the Firefox chatzilla addon and then type: "/server" and "/join #minesweeper".

3) Install an IRC client such as xchat (Linux or Windows) or Colloquy (Mac) and then type: "/server" and "/join #minesweeper".


The original chatroom was created by Yoni Roll (Israel) on 4 Apr 2004 after players suggested the idea in Minesweeper Addicts. The channel was until the server shut down. Jonian Grazhdani (Albania) then moved the chat group to on 15 Jun 2008. The IMC used to hold meetings on IRC.