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Moscow 2012 Minesweeper Tournament Results

Rank Rank* Player I E Sum TOTAL (5&5) Penalties
1 1 Pavel Mishin 11.996 45.180 57.176 308.195
2 2 Roman Gammel 12.527 49.390 61.917 342.936
3 3 Ramil Gafiyatov 14.293 52.910 67.203 360.331
4 4 Arsen Balishyan 13.966 54.694 68.660 365.998
5 5 Konstantin Forofontov 15.994 57.537 73.531 393.940
6 Victor Suglobov 14.846 59.633 74.479 411.543
6 7 Andrey Deviatkin 19.420 65.370 84.790 447.511
8 Evgeniy Azargaev 22.583 69.099 91.682 498.982
7 9 Arvo Leinsoo 19.983 79.775 99.758 529.242
10 Yan Samoylov 21.596 80.308 101.904 536.460
11 Vladimir Shomin 23.659 85.799 109.458 592.769
8 12 Alexander Azargaev 24.249 87.531 111.780 604.108
13 Anatoli Lipko 21.576 99.386 120.962 649.167
14 Peter Asalkhanov 18.430 78.720 97.150 2354.755 999.999 x2

*Ranking including online players


You can download the best 10 best videos (3 MB) for each player, or visit the Scoreganizer website for all videos and results.


Players will be ranked on the sum of their best 5 Intermediate and 5 Expert games. Each unfinished game will be given a penalty of 999.999 seconds.


(Review by Arsen Balishyan, 1 Dec 2012):

"The 6th Russian Minesweeper Championship took place on Saturday, 24 November 2012 in Moscow. This time it moved from the usual venue (which used to be Playground computer club) and was hosted at a computer class at the Oktyabrskaya metro station with more light and space for competitors. The event was organized by Konstantin Forofontov with the help of Arvo Leinsoo.

Thomas Kolar once again ensured the smooth and correct work of the Scoreganizer software, which was used this time to record results and keep online statistics. This software was used earlier at the World Minesweeper Championship in Zurich (2011) as well as the 5th Russian Minesweeper Championship (2011) and proved to be a very efficient way of keeping track of results online. This enabled people from other Russian cities to take part in the competition online. However, all the top players this time managed to get to the venue.

After a short time setting up, the tournament started at 14:23 Moscow time (11:23 CET) and as usual players had 3 hours to achieve their scores. 8 players took part on site including the best sweeper in Russia based on the current ranking, Pavel Mishin. All other top players in Russia who are known to have sub50s were on site, namely Roman Gammel, Arsen Balishyan, Konstantin Forofontov and Ramil Gafiyatov. One could easily predict the 1st and the 2nd place: Pavel Mishin dominated the competition and won with a lead of 34.741 seconds over Roman Gammel who won silver. The epic battle for 3rd place this time was decided within the last minutes of the tournament in favour of Ramil Gafiyatov, who managed to overcome Arsen Balishyan by just 5.667 seconds. Ramil won his 3rd place for the first time in a Russian Championship.

A trophy was presented to the winner, medals were given to the 6 best players, and all players received a certificate for taking part."

More Info

The tournament used the minesweeper version Viennasweeper. Players could compete at the tournament or online, with scores uploaded live to the Scoreganizer website.

8 players improved their Tournament World Ranking (Pavel, Roman, Arsen, Victor on Intermediate, Ramil, Konstantin, Victor, Yan on Expert) and 3 players joined the ranking (Vladimir, Anatoli, Peter).


At the moment there are no pictures for this competition.

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