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Moscow 2011 Minesweeper Tournament Results

Rank Player I E Sum TOTAL (5&5) Penalties
1 Pavel Mishin 12.661 47.651 60.312 315.098
2 Arsen Balishyan 15.310 62.116 77.426 412.114
3 Andrey Deviatkin 19.074 64.112 83.186 443.290
4 Konstantin Forofontov 17.427 68.027 85.454 444.949
5 Arvo Leinsoo 17.187 67.484 84.671 456.301
6 Ivan Zybin 18.636 64.644 83.280 467.821
7 Yan Samoylov 19.113 87.169 106.282 562.736
8 Alexander Azargaev 24.160 81.596 105.756 578.732
9 Georgiy Kotov 25.472 91.458 116.930 637.094
10 Stas Samoylov 66.776 DNF DNF 5397.082 999.999 x5


You can download the best 10 videos for each player (2.5MB).
To see all videos, visit the Scoreganizer "All Scores" page for this competition.


Players will be ranked on the sum of their best 5 Intermediate and 5 Expert games. Each unfinished game will be given a penalty of 999.999 seconds.


The 5th Russian Minesweeper Chamionship took place on Saturday, December 3, 2011 in Moscow at the Playground computer club. This time the permanent organizer and champion of previous Russian events Roman Gammel did not manage to take part, so the event was organized by Konstantin Forofontov with the help of Arsen Balishyan, who cooperated with Thomas Kolar to ensure the smooth and correct work of the Scoreganizer software, which was used this time to record results and keep online statistics. The same software was used earlier at the 2011 World Minesweeper Championship in Zurich and proved to be a very efficient way of keeping track of results online. The Russian minesweeper community expresses its gratitude to Thomas Kolar for invaluable help.

After a short time setting up, the tournament started at 14:20 Moscow time (11:20 CET) and as usual players had 3 hours to achieve their scores. 10 players took part including the best sweeper in Russia based on current ranking Pavel Mishin. With the exception of Roman Gammel, all 4 other players in Russia who are known to have sub50s were on site, namely Pavel Mishin, Arsen Balishyan, Konstantin Forofontov and Ivan Zybin, who appeared to achieve a 49 (NF, Real Time) in summer this year before finding the community. One could easily predict the 1st and the 2nd place: Pavel Mishin dominated the competition and won with a lead just short of 100 seconds (97.016 seconds) over Arsen Balishyan who won silver. The epic battle for 3rd place, which amused spectators on the IRC channel, was decided within the last minutes of the tournament in favour of Andrey Devyatkin, who managed to overcome Konstantin Forofontov by just 1.659 seconds.

Trophies were given to the 3 best players, medals were given to the 6 best players, and all players received a certificate for taking part.

More Info

The tournament used the minesweeper version Viennasweeper 2.2.

The official tournament page is on the Scoreganizer website. The tournament is listed on pages 78, 79 and 80.

As a result of this tournament, 2 new players joined the World Tournament Ranking (Ivan, Yan) and 3 players beat a total of 5 scores previously on the ranking (Pavel, Andrey, Arvo). Pavel moved up to 7th on the ranking.


Results of the Moscow 2011 tournament on Scoreganizer website.

Arsen, Pavel and Andrey take 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

Konstantin is not happy about being 4th...

Konstantin (right) gives Ivan his medal and certificate.

Stas, Georgiy and Yan wait for their awards.

Pavel with his trophies and awards.

Arvo, Ivan, Pavel, Konstantin, Arsen, Andrey pose for the camera

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