Expert IOE

How close to a perfect 1.00 can you get? There will never be a world ranking because the limit is 1.00 for each level, but if you make a perfect score please tell everyone!

Expert IOE

Postby KamilSaper » Sat Apr 11, 2009 7:22 pm

184 in 188 => 0,979 :mrgreen:
0.49 - 7.03 - 31.13
NF: 0.49 - 7.03 - 31.51
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Re: Expert IOE

Postby EWQMinesweeper » Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:06 pm


(almost) impossible to beat without guessing
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Re: Expert IOE

Postby KamilSaper » Sun Apr 12, 2009 2:42 pm

if u open 4/8 openings in the beginning and,get higher 3bv board, u have some chance to beat it :D for example u can waste even 5 clicks on 250 3bv board :)
0.49 - 7.03 - 31.13
NF: 0.49 - 7.03 - 31.51
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Re: Expert IOE

Postby pauv » Tue Jun 17, 2014 3:17 am

time-concerned IOE WR for NF: (keep updating)

31.551s ioe=0.693 3bv=106 op=13 clicks=153 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2012-04-28
33.790s ioe=0.780 3bv=124 op=12 clicks=159 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2016-11-26
36.960s ioe=0.857 3bv=144 op=8 clicks=168 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2016-08-19
41.740s ioe=0.869 3bv=159 op=6 clicks=183 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2014-07-23
46.060s ioe=0.878 3bv=172 op=7 clicks=196 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2014-07-21
48.360s ioe=0.885 3bv=215 op=7 clicks=243 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2014-09-18
50.820s ioe=0.892 3bv=224 op=8 clicks=251 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2016-09-19
56.800s ioe=0.899 3bv=178 op=12 clicks=198 by Kai Sun, PRC, 2013-07-12
58.750s ioe=0.903 3bv=234 op=8 clicks=259 by Wei-Hao Gao, PRC, 2016-09-28
60.210s ioe=0.927 3bv=202 op=5 clicks=218 by Kai Sun, PRC, 2014-08-02 (log on 2015-02-14: highest IOE normal play)
75.790s ioe=0.960 3bv=144 op=10 clicks=150 by Jin-Fan Lin, PRC, 2015-11-25
92.850s ioe=0.975 3bv=154 op=10 clicks=158 by Jin-Fan Lin, PRC, 2015-11-25
101.477s ioe=0.979 3bv=184 op=8 clicks=188 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2009-04-11
131.120s ioe=0.982 3bv=165 op=10 clicks=168 by Jin-Fan Lin, PRC, 2015-10-06
134.120s ioe=0.984 3bv=189 op=10 clicks=192 by Jin-Fan Lin, PRC, 2016-09-27
---------------Best IOE(>0.9) I have known--------------
Jin-Fan Lin 0.984 (3bv=189 op=10 clicks=192, 2016-09-27)
Kamil Muranski 0.979 (3bv=184 op=8 clicks=188, 2009-04-11)
Wei-Jia Guo 0.970 (3bv=159 op=12 clicks=164, 2015-02-19)
Chun-Xi Liu 0.964 (3bv=188 op=8 clicks=195, 2012-07-01)
Michael Gottlieb 0.957 (3bv=200 op=8 clicks=209, 2010-09-10)
Jun Tao 0.950 (3bv=208 op=11 clicks=219, x2, 2011-08-26, 2013-07-15)
Judith Laister 0.942 (3bv=148 op=13 clicks=157, unknown)
Peng-Yun Ni 0.942 (3bv=178 op=10 clicks=189, 2012-09-26)
Kai Sun 0.927 (3bv=202 op=5 clicks=218, normal play, 2014-08-02)
Shi-Ying Lin 0.907 (3bv=244 op=6 clicks=269, normal play, 2013-02-01)
EWQMinesweeper 0.905 (according to his post, before 2009-04-07)
Wei-Hao Gao 0.903 (3bv=234 op=8 clicks=259, normal play, 2016-09-28)
Ming-Xuan Li 0.902 (3bv=166 op=19 clicks=184, 2017-04-28)
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Re: Expert IOE

Postby pauv » Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:30 pm

I and Wei-Jia are trying a trick that, click on the middle on the upper bound, if that's an op then click on the middle on the botton for an op, if success try the 4 corners :) Of course you have no chance to waste click on the boundary of an op if you click at the corner, but click on the middle do. If you see 1 or 2 on the first two clicks, F2 please.
Wei-Jia got a 12 op board that way and set 0.970 ioe record of China with a miss click, thought he has some chance to get sup0.98 sometime.

Click x times of op in the beginning, find other ops by skill with no more than 2 click each op(have chance to use only 1 click if the shape is very good), then the ioe satisfied:
In Kamil's 0.979 game op=8 x=4 3bv=184 clicks=188=3bv+op-x, so it's the best ioe on that board. If someone is willing to try even higher ioe, get higher 3bv as what Kamil has post, or improve the x to be 6 like we do, or wait for less ops like Kai Sun's game(only 5 ops!), or have luck finding a board which is proper arranged that allowed you waste only 1 click in the next op skill or guessing ;) Anyway you need a lot of time and patience :P Basically no miss click is allowed :P
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Re: Expert IOE

Postby pauv » Mon Oct 05, 2015 7:34 pm

165 in 168 => 0.982

Success! My theory works! :lol:

The 3 wasted clicks:
if you use Clone2007 to watch it(checked "Display Opening"):
Opening 2, Opening 8, Opening 9

if you use Freesweeper to watch it(checked "Openings"):
Opening 6, Opening 7, Opening 2

@0.00s, 63.47s, 97.27s
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