UK Tournament 2011 Info

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UK Tournament 2011 Info

Postby thefinerminer » Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:20 pm

The tournament will take place on Saturday 23 July at Stirling University in Stirling, Scotland. It will start at 2pm and take 3 hours with the winner having the fastest sum of 5 Expert and 5 Intermediate games. Prizes announced later. We will use a new tournament program written by Tommy, more details soon.

===Players Coming===
Damien Moore - 1-11-39 - lives in Stirling
Fritz Loehr - 1-10-39 - staying nights of 22/23/24 in William Wallace hostel
David Greer - 2-14-46 - staying nights of 22/23 in William Wallace hostel
Gergely Nagy - 2-16-58 - visiting for several days in a B&B, coming with girlfriend
Robert Royals - 1-9-43 - stying nights of 22/23 in WW hostel
Tommy Kolar - 2-11-40 - coming with Elias, staying nights of 21/22/23 in WW hostel
Stevan Gvozdenovic - 2-12-41 - did not come

William Wallace Hostel - £16 per night - Ask me to book a room for you!
SYHA Hostel - £20 per night (only available on Saturday 23rd)
Stirling University - £23 per night room or £35 per night ensuite
If you have more money or a girlfriend try a Hotel or B&B like ... hotels.htm (the Express, Claremont and King Robert need walking or taxis to get to town, but the others are in good locations).

Stirling is a short train journey from Glasgow or Edinburgh, which both have major airports. If you arrive at Edinburgh Airport take the Airlink 100 bus to Edinburgh Waverley train station. (It costs £3.50 and takes 25 minutes). A train ticket to Stirling costs about £7 and takes 50 minutes. If you arrive at Glasgow Airport take one of the many buses to Glasgow Queen Street train station. (It costs about £3 and takes 40 minutes). A train ticket to Stirling costs about £7 and the takes about 40 minutes.

Stirling is a small city and almost every bus goes to the University. It is famous for many battles against the English, like when Willaim Wallace (the movie Braveheart) defeated the English in 1297. The main attractions in town are the Wallace Monument, Stirling Castle (it just finished a big many year renovation), the Old Jail, Church of the Holy Rude, the ruins of Cambuskenneth Abbey and the Bannockburn Heritage Center (about the battle of 1314). The nearby village of Doune has a small castle (used in Monty Python) and a whiskey distillery, Dunblane has a cathedral, and Dollar has a hidden Castle Campbell. If you travel further, Loch Lomond is about 30 minutes away, and places like Glen Coe and Fort William (Ben Nevis) are famous for the scenery and history.

NOTE: this post has been heavily edited :)
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Re: UK Tournament 2011 Info

Postby Tommy » Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:01 pm

There appears to be a misunderstanding, I'm coming with a _friend_, I don't even have a gf atm ^^
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Re: UK Tournament 2011 Info

Postby thefinerminer » Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:00 pm

Thanks to all of you who came, for making another great tournament!
I have added pages on the site:

See you next time!
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Re: UK Tournament 2011 Info

Postby EWQMinesweeper » Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:15 pm

1st link: old pics :P
2nd link: l. 5 "expecting" ???, tommy sacrificed his 35min but so did i too.

great tourny and a very nice report!
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Re: UK Tournament 2011 Info

Postby babz » Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:20 pm

2nd link:
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nice reports
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