The 'Authoritative Minesweeper' Facebook fanpage

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The 'Authoritative Minesweeper' Facebook fanpage

Postby EWQMinesweeper » Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:58 pm

Damien just founded a fanpage for msinfo on facebook...

we hope it makes it easier for sweepers to stay in touch with the community, since we'll use the fanpage mainly to post info about what is happening on and around msinfo...however we noticed that there is still no logo for msinfo (the page is already almost a decade old!). so, if someone who reads this feels creative and has some ideas for a logo we'd highly appreicate you posting some suggestions here :)

also, if you're a facebook user, don't forget to become a fan. and if you have some suggestions for the fanpage also post them 8-)
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