Suggestion: UPK 3BV/s Ranking?

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Suggestion: UPK 3BV/s Ranking?

Postby Dr. Question Mark » Wed Dec 16, 2009 5:45 am

I was wondering: would it be possible to have a UPK 3BV/s Ranking?
Before you start laughing at me:
1. I understand that this concept could be insulting to some of the world's best 3BV/s players (Kamil Murañski, Dion Tiu, etc.), whose best 3BV/s could be beaten by "newbs" with fast mice and good memory. I doubt there's a chance this will make it off the ground, but I'd be satisfied even if it were unofficial. I'd be fine even if it got nowhere.
2. I chose the idea of a UPK 3BV/s Ranking over a UPK Time (World) Ranking because times would be susceptible to patterns: everyone would play 2 3BV Beginner games, 30 3BV Intermediate games, etc, memorize the board and solve it in a very short time, leading to much better scores than their legal records (i.e., 20,121 Int -> 5,886 Int). But 3BV/s, the rate of required left-clicks/second, does have feasible limits regardless of UPK, and most likely would not skyrocket like best times.
3. Some players have quite a bit of fun in UPK mode, even some of the best in the world. With a UPK ranking, another dimension would be added to Minesweeper into which even high-ranked players might expand their challenges (IIRC, Kamil Murañski has a UPK Sup8 3BV/s on Int).

If this idea was accepted, obviously certain restrictions and limits would have to be enacted:
1. 3BV limits of 4-30-100 (the 4 on beginner is something Damien Moore set as a restriction on Beg 3BV/s to avoid excessive influence of luck on 3BV/s).
2. No flags can be placed on the field before the start of the game (it is possible to get 66,667 3BV/s on beginner with said flags...I have done it).
3. Players must have a total 3BV/s of at least AB,CDE. (I don't know what an appropriate cutoff would be with UPK...maybe 15?)
4-?. Any other rules which must be set up to prevent megalomania.

I'm new around here so I'm not quite sure this is a good idea...but I'd appreciate feedback. Just please don't flame me yet. =D
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Re: Suggestion: UPK 3BV/s Ranking?

Postby EWQMinesweeper » Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:05 pm

have you read the thread about the maximum IOE patterns? tjips made some boards using that pattern and in upk we got 6s scores on exp on >100 3BV boards (we also easily got to sup20 3BV/s on int) ...although in theory an upk ranking would be nice to compare whose solving speed, clicking accuracy and solving approach are the best there is the problem that as you can play an upl board as often as you want people will after a short time have figured out which boards are the best to play. imho all sweepers playing the same board does not quite match with in normal mode never getting the same board twice (board cycles on winmine, finite number of boards...i know, but there's just so many boards).

if you really wanted to compare how sweepers do with upk in comparison to each other the only way i can imagine it to work is to have someone who chooses a few boards and sweepers then would have a finite amount of time to get good upk scores on all (or only a few) of those boards. sth like the tournaments...maybe you get 10 or 20 boards and after 3 hours you have to submit 5 int games and 5 exp games, all played on some of those boards you got to choose from.

just a suggestion...
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Re: Suggestion: UPK 3BV/s Ranking?

Postby Dr. Question Mark » Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:51 am

I see...I was testing out some of the boards in those threads and got 20+ 3BV/s on Beginner and Intermediate...IOE really does help 3BV/s given maximum Cl/s.
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