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Viennasweeper is a fast clone popular at tournaments.

- Timer accurate to 1000th of a second
- Every finished game is saved on video automatically
- Time and 3bv/s highscores
- Stats Counter shows 3BV, 3bv/s, and click counts (Left, Right, Chords)
- Time Trial level: Need to win 10 Beginner games
- Time Trial level: Need to win 15 Beg, 6 Int and 2 Exp games


Editor Comments

Viennasweeper videos are allowed on the World Ranking. The clock and stats counter show time starting at 1.00 but the videos are saved in Real Time to 3 decimal places. It is the fastest clone because it opens squares quicker. Vsweep is the most popular version to use at international tournaments. Vsweep is not as easy to use as other clones because development was abandoned.

Author Christoph Nikolaus & Thomas Kolar
Company N/A
Version 3.0 Home Edition  (2012.05.05)
Category Official Clone
License Free
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