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Minesweeper Reader

Minesweeper Reader is a program to count 3BV and save pictures.

Analyse pictures: Drag and drop minesweeper pictures into the program and it will show flags, questionmarks, numbers, mistakes and unopened squares. The 3BV is counted, level noted and win/loss status displayed.

Save pictures: You can save minesweeper screenshots as MRB pictures, which take only 0.25kb for an Expert game.

Renaming Utility: Select files or a folder and choose values you want in the new filename. Options include: Filename, Status, Time, Version, Height, Width, Mines, Status, Level, 3BV and Time. Press


Editor Comments

The original purpose of the Reader was to create a database of boards to look for Board Cycles. The database would have allowed players to compare duplicate games and eliminate fake boards. The project was abandoned because UPK was banned from the ranking, and new sophisticated clones such as Arbiter, MSX and the Clone arrived. The Reader is still useful for counting the 3BV of screenshots.

Author Benny Benjamin
Yoni Roll
Company N/A
Version Beta 2.0  (2002.08.31)
Category Program
License Free
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