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Minesweeper History Add-On

The Minesweeper History Add-On uploads Clone and Arbiter minesweeper scores into mIRC.

To install:

- Extract files into your mIRC directory
- In mIRC type: /load -rs history.ini
- If mIRC asks to run 'initialization commands', select Yes
- When prompted, select the location of the history.dll file
- When prompted, select the location of the Clone or Arbiter history file

To upload your scores, right-click in a channel and choose from the Minesweeper menu. There are many display options.


Editor Comments

There is an IRC channel #minesweeper dedicated to sweeping on (port 6667). Try downloading mIRC and use these details to meet other players.

Author Beno
Company N/A
Version 1.10  (2006.08.08)
Category Program
License Free
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