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Minesweeper3D takes different board patterns and wraps them around 3D shapes.

- 720 boards (45 shapes with 4 subdivisions and 4 levels)
- Highscores for every board, with an online world ranking
- Game tells you if someone breaks your world record
- Countdown timers show time remaining to beat your personal or world record
- Classic, Triangle and Pentagon tilings
- Sound effects and animations
- 3D shapes eliminate walls and reduce forced guesses

Shareware version offers 4 shapes and does not save Highscores.


Editor Comments

Minesweeper3D is the most advanced 3D version available. It takes 2D cells and wraps them onto 3D shapes to create 720 combinations. (Its rival Minesweeper 3D is a 3D Cube). Some levels have never been won!

Author Robert Webb
Company N/A
Version 2.6  (2010.07.04)
Category Variations
License Shareware
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