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MineSaver is a minesweeper screensaver.

MineSaver works on Windows 98 and earlier versions. Put it in the 'Windows/System' directory and rename the 'exe' to 'scr'. You can adjust solving speed by changing display properties, either by right-clicking on the desktop or via the Control Panel. At top speed Beginner and Intermediate are solved in 1 second and Expert is solved in 2 seconds. On default settings Expert is solved in a minute. The program cycles through each level, playing each one until it wins. The solver does not read memory so it loses after incorrect guesses. Lost games result in one of three responses: 'Blast', 'Damn', or 'Oh Dear'. Success messages include 'Yes' and 'Cool'. Smiley faces appear in the background while solving and count from 8 to 1 before turning into brightly coloured circles.


Editor Comments

MineSaver is the first and only known minesweeper screensaver.

Author Patrick Craig
Company N/A
Version (1996)
Category Program
License Free
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