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Crazy Minesweeper

Crazy Minesweeper has multiple types of bombs!

- Classic or Crazy mode
- Mines of different power
- Timer accurate to 100th of a second
- Highscore table saves 10 best times for each level and mode
- Custom boards up to 50x33
- You can customise number colours
- You can change cell sizes for easier viewing
- Game statistics (played, won, lost, unfinished, total playing time)
- Play in 17 different languages
- Basic sound effects
- Right-click to start a new game
- Optional tips at start of game

The registered version allows you to save and upload highscores to a World Ranking at the author's website.


Editor Comments

Crazy Minesweeper was the first version to introduce different bombs. There are no nag screens during play in the shareware version, but your scores are not remembered. Nice twist to the original game, gameplay is fast and smooth.

Author Sergey Goncharov
Company Astatix Software
Version 2.21  
Category Variation
License Shareware
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