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Arbiter is the most secure official version.

- Timer accurate to 100th of a second
- Highscores automatically saved on video
- Flag and NF Highscore tables for Time, 3bv/s, IOE, IOS and RQP
- Very detailed statistics, you can even invent new stats!
- You can upload scores into IRC chat rooms
- 5 game skins
- Customise your video saving rules
- Save game screenshots in different formats
- English or Japanese


Editor Comments

Arbiter is the most updated and secure of the official clones. All videos allowed on the World Ranking. Arbiter has more stats than any other version and you can even invent new ones. Arbiter drags on some computers, and creating new stats or modifying the Counter window can be tricky for new players.

Author Dmitriy Sukhomlynov
Maksim Bashov
Company N/A
Version 0.52.3  (2014.06.12)
Category Official Clone
License Free
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