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Authoritative Minesweeper: Articles, Papers, Reviews, Reports

Minesweeper articles, math papers, tournament reports, reviews and investigations. If you want to write something about minesweeper, we would love to host it. Select a category for more details. Enjoy!

Date Added: Category: Title
2011-09-23 Tournaments Zurich 2011 Minesweeper World Championship
2011-07-23 Tournaments The UK 2011 Minesweeper Championship
2011-02-05 Other Lucky 1 Second Beginner Games
2011-02-04 Research Is it Time for New Terminology in Land Release and Technical Survey
2011-02-03 Math Minesweeper and Spectrum of Discrete Laplacians
2011-02-03 Math Minesweeper is NP-complete
2011-02-03 Math Komplexitat und Varianten von Minesweeper
2011-02-03 Math More Properties for NP-complete Minesweeper Graphs
2011-02-03 Math The Complexity of Minesweeper and Strategies for Game Playing
2011-02-03 Math Search Improvements in Multirelational Learning (pp 85-100)
2011-02-03 Math Minesweeper: A Statistical and Computational Analysis
2011-02-03 Math Graphical Models for Minesweeper Project Report
2011-02-03 Math 2*n Minesweeper Consistency Problem is in P
2011-02-03 Math Minesweeper On Graphs
2011-02-03 Math Quantum Computer Games: Quantum Minesweeper
2011-02-03 Research Minesweeper and Hypothetical Thinking Action Research & Pilot Study
2011-02-03 Math Offline 1-Minesweeper is NP-complete
2011-02-03 Other Minesweeper: Redeux
2011-02-03 Research Understanding Concerns in Software: Insights Gained from Two Case Studies
2011-02-03 Research Discount Learnability Evaluation
2011-02-03 Math Minesweeper, #Minesweeper
2011-02-03 Math Applying Bayesian Networks in the Game of Minesweeper
2011-02-02 Research Teaching With Games: The Minesweeper and Asteroids Experience
2011-02-02 Math The Minesweeper game: Percolation and Complexity
2011-02-02 Research ObSys - a Tool for Visualizing Usability Evaluation Patterns with Mousemaps
2011-02-02 Research Scaling the Level of Difficulty in Single Player Video Games
2011-02-02 Math An Interactive Constraint-Based Approach to Minesweeper
2010-12-13 Tournaments 2010 Munich Open Tournament review by Damien Moore.
2010-12-12 Tournaments The Munich 2010 Minesweeper Championship
2010-08-02 Strategy How to Use Chording in Minesweeper
2010-08-01 Strategy First Click
2010-06-15 Board Cycles Some Words About the Dreamboard
2010-01-27 Other Minesweeper - More Than Just A Computer Game
2009-10-17 Board Cycles Analysis of 3BV Limits and Ian Fraser's 33s World Record
2009-08-17 Tournaments Review of the UK 2009 Tournament
2009-04-19 Tournaments Information for the UK 2009 Tournament
2008-10-27 Tournaments Vienna Minesweeper Championship 2008 - a Personal View
2007-09-25 Versions Unincluded Features: An Arbiter Investigation
2007-05-31 Math Infinite Versions of Minesweeper are Turing-complete
2007-05-31 Math Some Minesweeper Configurations
2007-05-26 Math Explorations of the Minesweeper Consistency Problem
2007-05-26 Math Playing the Minesweeper with Constraints
2007-05-26 Board Cycles The Board Cycle Bug of Microsoft Minesweeper
2007-05-26 Math Million-dollar Minesweeper
2007-05-26 Math Learning Minesweeper with Multirelational Learning
2007-05-26 Math Minesweeper as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem
2007-05-03 Tournaments The World Minesweeper Championship
2007-04-03 Tournaments Who is Going to Win Budapest III?
2007-03-07 Versions A Detailed Review of Vista Minesweeper
2007-02-26 Tournaments Microsoft Hungary to Sponsor Tournament
2007-02-26 Tournaments How to Get to Budapest
2007-02-14 Tournaments Announcement of Budapest III
2006-08-02 Tournaments Vienna II: The Fourth Tournament
2006-03-26 Versions Sneak Preview of Vista Minesweeper
2005-07-16 Tournaments Budapest I: The First Tournament
2004-10-13 Board Cycles Board Cycles, the Dreamboard and Shifts