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Last post on Fri Jul 25 20:42:47 PDT 1997

Pat niblox@seanet.com Thu Oct 24 18:19:42 PDT 1996

Okay, okay, it's pretty lame-o to post notes on my own page, but I had to test to see if it works. Oh yeah........ my best time on expert Minesweeper is 217. I know its not great but I have a life! :D

Bert van Oortmarssen berto@and.nl Sat Oct 26 05:54:34 PDT 1996

Hi Pat, thanks for the nice words on my Itsmine solver. By the way, the first time the program runs it will detect if it is the windows 3.11 or win95 minesweeper (because the sneaky authors of winmine changed the bitmaps of the digits a little bit).



Joe McCorkel FELIDIAN@aol.com Tue Oct 29 20:35:51 PST 1996

267 expert. So who will make some software to pre start a game

Joe McCorkel FELIDIAN@aol.com Tue Oct 29 20:36:41 PST 1996

267 expert. So who will make some software to pre start a game with your favorite squares swept?

Robert DellaFave Paul@Wow.com Sun Nov 10 11:38:10 PST 1996

I heard about you guys my searching Netspace for minesweeper. My best score on minesweeper is 170.

Liss Gřril, Norway Don't have one.. Wed Nov 13 04:11:20 PST 1996

Searched Altavista for Minesweeper (the ultimate addictive.) See ya!(Will not publish my bad scores...)

Adam Luikart phoenix777@aol.com Sun Nov 17 19:26:38 PST 1996

Another really cool minesweeper page is The Unofficial Minesweeper Homepage, maintained by Vlad7. The URL is http://www.pantek.com/minesweeper it has neato times (my best is 136, by the way), and a very cool Poetry section where you can send in poems about Minesweeper. It also has other rad rad links. Cool! (that's where I heard about this site

Geoff McNulty gmcnulty@students.wisc.edu Mon Nov 18 22:10:59 PST 1996

my best score on expert is 94. i have never done it this fast before. i have no clue how i did this.

Mike Keesee mrk@umr.edu Tue Nov 19 14:09:42 PST 1996

My best score on expert for today is 144. I have HAD opportunities to get in the 120-130 range.

Yvette K. Bruno C21YBruno@aol.com Wed Nov 20 08:34:15 PST 1996

I love this game. I just can't seem to get enough. Must be some sort of stress releiver for me.

My best times are for Beg. 7 sec., Int. 41 sec. and Exp. 124 sec.

Heather Johnson djohnson@prairienet.org Thu Nov 21 20:16:16 PST 1996

Beginner 3, Intermediate 29, Expert 97

Götz Brinkmann Götz Brinkmann@recht.uni-giess Sat Nov 23 18:53:31 PST 1996

Hi Guys. Just looked teh altavista up for Minesweeper cheats. My best score for expert is 134 sec. I can`t believ the world record is 55 sec. !!!

Alex Nester Roshawk@sd.cybernex.net Mon Nov 25 12:29:18 PST 1996

My fastest time on Beginner is 5 seconds, and my Int. best time is 65 sec.

Adam Smith Adam@qklink.com Wed Nov 27 21:43:51 PST 1996

My fastest time is 2 seconds on beginner, 50 on Int, and 247 on expert.

I did a search via Infoseek Ultra

Eric Kasper e_kasper@msn.com Fri Nov 29 07:49:13 PST 1996

People either love this little game or hate it. I play it during those rare spare moments and become addicted. Expert in 122 is my best. Can't see how I could do better, but I said that the first time I broke 200.

Gina hill@indy.net Fri Nov 29 16:05:02 PST 1996

Expert: 121 Int.: 37 Beg.: 6

Emilie Taman taman@ibm.net Fri Nov 29 16:18:17 PST 1996

Best times:

Beginner:6 Intermediate: 49 Expert: 185 I am so glad to see that there is an entire web site dedicated to this most enjoyable (though somewhat addictive) passtime.

Danielle Bader dbader@po-box.mcgill.ca Fri Nov 29 16:21:17 PST 1996

Best times: expert: 119, intermediate: 38, beginner: 9 I finally found worse procrastinators than myself! P.S. Who's the liar who got 2 on beginner? That's not fair!

Amy Paretti iluvtubas@aol.com Mon Dec 2 05:13:05 PST 1996

My best beginner time is 8 (and i think it is impossible to get 2 as well.) My best int. time is 55 and my best expert time is 157...my goal is to break 100...dreams...

Dave Ryan Beats me Tue Dec 3 15:34:43 PST 1996

E: 145 I: 48 B: 10 I think that's as low as I'll ever go because I have better things to do than play minesweeper all day.

Charles Reed goastros@hypercon.com Wed Dec 4 03:39:05 PST 1996

I don't have much time to play anymore, but my best beginner time is 11 seconds. My best intermediate time is 56 seconds.

Gary Richardson gar4026@rit.edu Thu Dec 5 17:21:21 PST 1996

My name is gary, and I'm an addict. My addiction to minesweeper has resulted in many late nights, a few missed classes, and an all time best score of 89 seconds (expert, of course).

My brother hit 6 seconds on beginner level which betters me by two.

Justin Kerstetter jstntime@xnet.com Sat Dec 7 19:57:05 PST 1996

Intermed. 43 sec.

Tim Lenker timlenker@aol.com Tue Dec 10 20:00:34 PST 1996

Beginner-15, Intermediate-93, Expert-287. Sure, I know these scores don't look impressive. But, I just started playing 2 days ago. You'll see much better scores in the future from me my friends!!!

Ariel lundeengol.@Hastings1.lhirc.or Wed Dec 11 14:35:46 PST 1996

Beginner:8, Intermediate:48, Expert:163. Somebody please tell me how it is possible to get in the twenties on Intermediate. I like that one the best because if you guess wrong on expert its a pain in the neck to get going again.

Volker Schmitt (Schmok) vschmitt@stud.fh-heilbronn.de Thu Dec 12 11:06:11 PST 1996

Best times: Beginners 6, Intermediate 32, Expert 112 I'm sure it is possible to do expert under 100 but I can't believe the 55.

Fiona Lui f.p.lui@ic.ac.uk Fri Dec 13 08:57:45 PST 1996

Best Times: Expert-98, Intermediate-29, beginner-5 Minesweeper is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis Rodrique rodrique@highway1.com Mon Dec 16 19:08:26 PST 1996

My best times are: beg. - 9; inter. - 49; expert - 126

David Lark dlark@oboe.aix.calpoly.edu Fri Dec 20 14:43:13 PST 1996

Beginner: 3 seconds. Intermediate: 29 Seconds Expert: 111 Seconds. Is the record still 55 seconds? Seems do-able, maybe not by me. My hands aren't as fast as they used to be. Are there any probability experts out there that want to talk? I'm also not sure whether the fastest method is to mark the mines or just explode the squares. Also try this: 24x30 layout (the largest allowed), how many mines can you get? My best is 201, takes several months between wins.

Geoff Gittins jsmithen@idirect.com Fri Dec 20 17:42:39 PST 1996

Expert: 96 Intermediate:30 Beginner: 4 I knew there had to be someone faster than me. 55 seconds is beyond impossible, really.

jvr jvonreis@3-cities.com Sat Dec 21 03:45:45 PST 1996

B-3; I-47; E-159 (i'm too old to be fast long enough for expert.) Following up on David Lark's suggestion, try setting it up at 24 x 30 with 240 mines (1/3 of squares. the increased complexity makes it a puzzle.

Michael Forman forman@wadsworth.org Sun Dec 22 19:09:29 PST 1996

Beginner: 6 sec, Intermediate: 32 sec, Expert: 119 sec

Pat niblox@seanet.com Mon Dec 23 13:08:06 PST 1996

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback on the Minesweeper page! As you see we have gone to a framed format and I hope it strikes your fancy as well. If it doesn't, send Mail so we can keep the Guestbook gripe free! I'd like to say Merry Christmas to all our visitors and wish you well in the New Year!
Keep Sweepin'

Verna Hsu hsu123@concentric.com Tue Dec 31 18:02:40 PST 1996

I never knew that there were other people as crazy about Minesweeper as me! This is great. My scores:

Beginner: 4 Intermediate: 24 Expert: 105

Volker Schmitt vschmitt@stud.fh-heilbronn.de Thu Jan 30 04:49:34 PST 1997

Behinner: 5, Intermediate: 32, Expert: 96 !!!

Bob Marley None Monkeyz Wed Feb 12 13:19:09 PST 1997

My sister got 67 on expert!!!!!!!!!!! Now doesnt that make yall wanna work harder? Thought so........Considering that you all are 45 and shes only 21. Maby she just haz 2 much tyme on her hands.

n/a n/a Wed Feb 12 13:20:48 PST 1997

DODODODODODODODODODO. my best score is 177!!!how do u all do it?

Robert Wales rwales@crawford.com Fri Feb 21 05:43:40 PST 1997

beginner: 8 sec inter. 63 sec expert 198 sec

not great but only been at it a couple of months, mostly work only exert level. other levels I feel you are reling on to much luck! expert is a little more skill. rwales

Dan Riley danr@warwick.net Fri Feb 21 09:03:10 PST 1997

Some great times posted here. I don't know how you do a 55 sec. expert game. My times pale in comparison, Beg:8, Int:54, Exp:174

Ms. Flame 1899@nethawk.com Sun Feb 23 18:13:26 PST 1997

If anyone can give me any strategy tips, I would appreciate it. I am new at the game and am quickly becoming addicted. Best score on Int. is 141. I have yet to finish the expert. Any advice on how to get these great scores would be helpful.

some one who sux NellyT@aol.com Thu Feb 27 13:53:02 PST 1997

I think Minesweeper sux and your all GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mi lowest score is 144 for beginner

You guys have to much fuckin time on your hands!!

___ 1 1 1 1 1 1 ____1 1____ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 \ / \_______/

Ben Hall bhall@haverford.edu Thu Feb 27 16:49:38 PST 1997

4; 28; 92. My expert record had been 99 for a couple of months, then lowered it to 98 the other day, and then to 92 two days later. 55 seems impossible, or at least would not have much thinking involved, just guessing. Who knows. I've wasted more time since getting to college and learning how to play on this. When I first learned how to play, I couldn't believe my friend could get under 300. I think low 80's is probably where I'll bottom out.

MeJetson MeJetson@aol.com Tue Mar 4 21:10:45 PST 1997

Expert:137 Int:37 Beg:5 My best tip is to take lots of Prozac! Prozac is to minesweeper as steroids are to bodybuiling.

Matthew Shelton mathew@shelton.com Wed Mar 5 13:27:50 PST 1997

Expert:143 Int:39 Beg:9 I like minesweep

Wong, Wang Leong m9463420@netvigator.com Wed Mar 5 18:56:11 PST 1997

Expert:88 Int:25 Beg:2 I've not played it for some time lah!

steeve steeve@eps.mcgill.ca Fri Mar 7 13:17:03 PST 1997

Now I'm depressed. My best times are 7, 39 and 118. Gotta work on that expert level some more. I've been practicing playing without flagging the mines, this is how I got my beginner and intermediate times down.


Sissie Hsiao sissie@uclink4.berkeley.edu Mon Mar 10 10:36:16 PST 1997

Beginner 6, Int 37, Expert 117 NO MARKS Expert 155 TRY NO MARKS, GUYS!!! :) Lot harder

Joe Clarke josephclarke@tinet.ie Mon Mar 10 11:51:29 PST 1997

Beginner 5 Intermediate 28 Expert 114. How is below 100 possible?

I also played Hex Minesweeper and scored 8 on beginner, 35 on intermediate and 136 on Expert. It's not a very difficult game -- I only downloaded it last night. Perhaps people aren't posting their highscores.


mrpink mrpink@unixg.ubc.ca Mon Mar 10 21:11:16 PST 1997

Woo hoo! I just broke the 100-second barrier twice today-- 98 and 95 seconds, my best ever times. Oh, and by the way-- my friend Mike, who doesn't play very much but likes to try to beat my records, has achieved 2 seconds many, many times on the beginners level. He just sits there and tries the corner mine, and eventually, if you do it long enough, the puzzle will solve itself with that one click.

Ken Williams williams@lightning.ecsel.psu.e Tue Mar 11 01:03:33 PST 1997

Wow, I thought my scores in Minesweeper were a lot better than *this* apparent average: 5 beginner, 60 int., 200 exp. Actually, I came here to take my mind off a 3 hour minesweeper bout (insomnia is a pain), and to find some more games B*)

Sean Reynolds sean.reynolds@snet.net Tue Mar 11 19:57:55 PST 1997

And here I thought I was all good at this game!?! Best times: Intermediate: 28, 33 Expert: 97, 101. I really thought I was hot s@%* breaking 100 seconds, but man there are some serious addicts out there! I can only sneak in the occasional game on my lunch break. Keep up the good work :^)

joe clarke josephclarke@tinet.ie Thu Mar 13 14:36:58 PST 1997

i got 101 today on expert, after getting 110 2 days ago... I will get eblow 100! I will! ! will! (ok, time for mediacation - ed.)

nip nip@buffnet.net Thu Mar 13 15:25:42 PST 1997

ok, I love minesweeper. I admit that freely...I spend too much time doing it, but you have to have some vices, right? My best time, that I am proud of, is: The Expert level-127 seconds. I haven't been able to beat it yet...though I do try.

It's about time someone had a page for this!!!


Alice Baumgartner Baumgart@aquainc.com Fri Mar 14 12:13:24 PST 1997

This is so cool! My company gave me a new computer and guess what? They took out the games!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'll have to copy the one from home. Best times...Beg-6 sec; Int-43 sec; Exp-148 sec. I'm my worst competition.

Regina Chow chowr01@student.ucr.edu Sat Mar 15 16:12:32 PST 1997

I'd like to receive a copy of your Minesweeper game.

Sarah Kerschenske sarahske@iastate.edu Wed Mar 19 09:19:13 PST 1997


brad -traveler-@msn.com Thu Mar 20 21:16:59 PST 1997

B:5sec, I:32 sec. E:119 I thought these were okay scores, but i guess there is room for improvement

Canta Cantabrig@aol.com Fri Mar 21 18:15:45 PST 1997

So, after two years playing a couple of games a day, I find that I am simply an amateur: Beg 5, Int 43, Exp 152. Just too old to get much faster (but my records are still very recent), and I refuse to use markers. Minesweeper may be worse than cigarettes with regard to addictive qualities.

David Bumba DBumba Sun Mar 23 09:31:13 PST 1997

Beginner = 4 Inter. = 50 ex = 178. What are codes? Are there adjustments you can do to Minesweeper to make it go faster?Any tips or stategies?

Mike ryuken@u.washington.edu Mon Mar 24 15:24:20 PST 1997

My times are pretty much an embarassment. 7 , 62 , 201 But I promise i will break the 100 barrier within three months. i started playing the game when i saw my little sister playing who by the way is only 11 and has gotten 121 on expert!! I'm currently taking some computer science classes here and I am planning on programing tis game to learn more about the stratedgy. behind it.

Huge huge4@u.washington.edu Tue Mar 25 11:06:59 PST 1997

My friends and I have been having contests and minesweeper parties every saturday night My friends and i have been having minesweeper parties every friday night for years. I have gotten 2 on beginner three times. ( I just click on the corner square, by the way someone told me the odds of this happening are about 1 in 2000 maybe i should play the lottery! Also, I have managed to get 19 on the the intermediate level by guessing like a madman!! I also regularly crank out 75- 79 on the intermediate levels, but my all time low is 65.(With maniacal guessing of course) I have put more man hours into this game then anyone I know and I surely will not break the 70 barrier with out atleast 10 - 15 guesses. The 55 world record seems possible with a LOT of luck, but seems to me to be to be akin to breaking the three minute mil you might say that it is only10 seconds awy from my 65 score but it is more prudent to lok at it in terms of the the fraction of my score that it is off. Its like a person who can get 125 expert time hoping to get under 100 by sheer luck.(Not very likely if you ask me.)

Tavis J. Millerov tmillerov@lakers.lssu.edu Wed Mar 26 07:43:22 PST 1997

You know, my friends here at college thought I should search the web to find any information about the game and if there are tournaments for it. They all swear that I am by far the best, but after looking at some of the times here, I can see that I will really have to bust my butt to beat some of these. My best times are: Beginner-10, Intermediate-40, and Expert-141. I can't believe someone did the expert in 55 seconds! That is damn near impossible!

Yong Du swadmin@idirect.com Thu Mar 27 12:51:39 PST 1997

Exp: 108; Beg: 1; Customized: 150 mines on the expert board Trick: Never mark mines to save time

houston allred hallred735@aol.com Fri Mar 28 17:24:51 PST 1997

had no idea there were other junkies out there best times beg. 5/ int 45/ expert 150

nate kisser nkaiser@u.washington.edu Mon Mar 31 14:38:14 PST 1997

My name is Nate. I heard about this sight from my good buddy Mike. My best times are no that great 13,99, 235 but I like the game a lot. They should have international tournaments.

Jensen Brent jbrent@interoz.com Tue Apr 1 16:08:17 PST 1997

Minesweeper is one of the best games around! My top scores are 3,66,249. Thanks for creating such a great web site!

Steve Moore 4sjm@qlink.queensu.ca Tue Apr 1 16:19:22 PST 1997

Best times are 4,29,95 Went under 100 3 times in an hour the other day Found this site in a search

Pasco Lease jimanddan@ccomm.com Tue Apr 1 16:36:38 PST 1997

My best times pale in comparison to some of you experts. But my friends still think I'm obsessed. Beginner: 4 Intermediate: 42 (will go down) Expert: 116 (will also go down) Thanks, Pasco Lease

Brandon tylerx@hotmail.com Tue Apr 1 18:03:35 PST 1997

I really stink!!

beginner-24 sec. intermediate- 280 expert- never finished

does anyone have any tips for me?? i really stink!! http://af1.angelfire.com/va/tylerx

aboctor mfw127@mail.usask.ca Tue Apr 1 22:55:53 PST 1997

b=10 i=40 e=132 i need help - minesweeper is my life

Tim timothy_kutz@mail.amsinc.com Thu Apr 3 13:11:10 PST 1997

beginner 5, intermediate 32, expert 97. Hope my boss doesn't see this.

Michael J Fox..not the actor Nowhereman@aol.com Fri Apr 4 23:20:16 PST 1997

TOP SCORE:expert 185.....heard of you cause we got the same mommy...

Dave Brown browndavew@mdc.com Tue Apr 8 13:58:44 PDT 1997

Just found this page on an AltaVista search. I thought I was hot s#$@ with a 134 on expert, which came just a few games after a 135. I can't believe some of the scores reported here (although I'm sure they're real). E=55 does seem impossible without chemical enhancement. Minesweeper addiction is a real drain on productivity! Maybe I'll just quit for a while.

Zdenek Moravek kim@osapd.cz Wed Apr 9 10:18:52 PDT 1997

Hi, my expert=78, but since I had installed Win95 my computer does what he wants and my scores went worse. What kind of rat uses recordman as a mouse. My microsoft defender is almoust ready. I didn't see his e-mail address on this page. Is the record result one and only or are there some close it.

Barbro Widerstedt Babs@natek.umu.se Thu Apr 10 09:11:38 PDT 1997

Wanted to know how far I was from being world champion, and found you in Yahoo. Since my best is 121 sec, I am about as clos to the top in minesweep as in the 10 000 metres. The hints from the giant were great - but HOW do you stop yourself from thinking? Is it ZEN?

Chad Karpoff clk3a@virginia.edu Thu Apr 10 09:41:00 PDT 1997

Expert time of 94 seconds! Are scores of under a minute really realistic?

Glen Anderson Glanderson@aol.com Thu Apr 10 23:16:06 PDT 1997

An addicting game, at work during breaks, lunch, and that oh!! one more good game before I go home. Then at home once in a while. My high scores are 8 - 43 - 130 !!!

kyle camarokyle@2aol.com Sat Apr 12 12:44:09 PDT 1997

http://members.aol.com/camarokyle/mainpage.htmVISIT MY SITE

Pat niblox@seanet.com Sun Apr 13 21:54:25 PDT 1997

I had to write concerning the entry above because it's NOT a Minesweeper link. It is a Duke Nukem link with a lot of other stuff too and possibly worth checking out. I don't mind having user-posted links on the Guestbook but they must have a brief explanation of the content on the other end. I would like to see more Minesweeper related pages here and Minesweeper player pages too! The link to Kyle's page from the entry above is BROKEN....the link you need to access Kyle's page is:


Sean Chan sean@tsm.com.au Mon Apr 14 21:52:29 PDT 1997

Nice to know that I'm not the only Minesweeper freak. I never realised how many of you there are around. I've played this game for 4-5 years and scores are as follows :-

Beg - 2 Int - 31 Expert - ?? <- never dared to try!!

I thought I had good scores for Beg/Int. but can't believe some actually got 1 and 25 sec respectively!! Impressive!!

laura white trillliann@aol.com Tue Apr 15 12:09:34 PDT 1997

hey. minesweeper is the shit. i love it. there's nothin like wastin a half hour here and there that should be spent doin some homework to better my scores...my best expert time is 157sec and my best beginner is 9sec. :o) see ya, fellow sweeper fanatics!

Ken McAlpine kmcalpine@msn.com.au Thu Apr 17 07:17:16 PDT 1997

Best scores are 9, 58, 182. I found this site in an AltaVista search. I thought that I was the king when I busted 200... But now I wish that I never found this page! And as for 55 in expert, I am sure it is possible. There are elites in every field, even in nerdy games like this. Best of luck!

Patsy Campbell patsyq@poi.net Sat Apr 19 11:32:35 PDT 1997

Hello! Searched in Yahoo! looking for tips, as my best times are nowhere near your best times!! I am just totally addicted to this little game.

Simon Ku simonku@hkstar.com Sun Apr 20 05:14:44 PDT 1997

My best is 136 for expert. http://home.hkstar.com/~simonku/minerec.html

stephanie neidig gt4706b@prism.gatech.edu Mon Apr 21 17:14:09 PDT 1997

81 expert.

everyone i know has determined i'm insane. all i play is expert, but i can't play anymore. below 81 seems like too far to reach. you think?

KAOS (Keyton DeGiulio) rdegiuli@micron.net Wed Apr 23 14:46:24 PDT 1997

I haven't played for quite a while, but my best expert time is 143. I can't seem to break that barrier.

Clay Condrey condrect@vuse.vanderbilt.edu Wed Apr 23 15:19:44 PDT 1997

My expert score is 88 sec. I am not lying. I have guessed wrong on the last mine before when the clock was at 76 sec. I don't think I ever break the 55 sec. mark but that would be my best chance of ever getting into the Guinness book of world records.

Lindy lindy_haddon@mmcables.com.au Thu Apr 24 08:02:58 PDT 1997

doh! I really believed I had the world record for expert level on minesweeper with a time of 78 sec. Oh well ..... perhaps it's an Australian record??? My skill comes from too many hours procrastinating from assignments and exams. Beg 8 sec. Intermediate 25 sec. ........

Robby Dont have one Sun Apr 27 09:55:25 PDT 1997

Beginer:7, int:46, expert 121

Robby Dont have one Sun Apr 27 09:55:40 PDT 1997

Beginer:7, int:46, expert 121

Andrew McCullough mccullou@cs.fsu.edu Sun Apr 27 13:02:15 PDT 1997

I am relieved to find that what i would like to think of as my world record time has been maintained... I have read of one tie for my intermediate time, but no one has claimed to have broken it. It's honest too.. I swear. (I have a pic on my other computer)

Beg: 3, Int: *** 18 ***, Expert: 78 (I think anyway, it's on my other comp.)

I get in the 20's pretty regularly on intermediate, but the 18 had a lot of luck involved too. I would like to hear from any other intermediate junkies out there, I like it much better than the other levels. All minesweeper junkies feel free to email me :)

Derek eddiep@tsixroads.com Mon Apr 28 17:38:41 PDT 1997

Awsome page nuff said

Mark Worthington mdw22@hermes.cam.ac.uk Wed Apr 30 15:23:07 PDT 1997

best scores are : beginner 4, intermediate 30, expert 91

Glen Anderson Glanderson@aol.com Fri May 2 16:11:59 PDT 1997

Best times 6 - 34 - 130, I am having a hard time breaking those records, but could have got about 90 on expert....soon will get it. Now it is time to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anita Christian On someone elses account Sat May 3 07:56:30 PDT 1997

I thought I was really good at it because I didn't know anyone else who played it. It's great to see so many junkies wasting their lives like me!!! My best times are 5 for beginner, 31 for intermediate and 101 for expert, man I'm just going to have to break that 100!!

Mark somewhere on aol Sat May 3 15:28:16 PDT 1997

Hello fellow sweepers. Did you ever get blank stares when you would boast of a new personal best time? Well I guess we are not alone. Does anyone else dislike the Win95 version?(is there a way to have the board fill the screen?) My times are significantly slower than on my Windows3.1 at work. my best times are beginner 5 intermediate 30 expert 102

Sieben sttoxby@u.washington.edu Sun May 4 03:24:31 PDT 1997

I can't seem to break my own highscore: expert 87. because of that I've been concentrating more on consistency with times under 100 sec. Getting below 90 in damn hard. But the low 80's seem possible, if the puzzle is set up nicely Sieben

Andy McCullough mccullou@cs.fsu.edu Sun May 4 20:28:48 PDT 1997

RE: win 95 version of Minesweeper

I Agree! I hate the Win95 version. In fact, that is the only reason I haven't upgraded from Win 3.1 (that and I have no real need to do so). Anyone else?

Duane Kanz duanek@microsoft.com Tue May 6 21:39:07 PDT 1997

I've been working on an MS Test script that plays Minesweeper. High scores using a PPro200 w/S3Virge card: Beginner-1; Intermediate-2; Expert-5. (Personal best expert score is only 134.)

Westy Westy@bbs.mmtcnet.com Sun May 11 18:43:07 PDT 1997

203 expert, i guess i just suck!!!

KevinSeah (Moose^ on IRC) 96062@acs.sch.edu.sg Mon May 12 04:51:20 PDT 1997

1 sec for beginner, 1 sec for intermedeate, 3 secs for expert-- all using your cheats Real scores-- 14 sec beginner -- 88 sec intermedeate -- 179 sec expert I just got hooked so my scores look bad. Just wait for my next entry... Anybody who wants to mail me pls do but don't expect a prompt reply.

Ashley Mahabeer mahabeera@eng.und.ac.za Wed May 14 03:40:36 PDT 1997

7 sec on beginner,48 sec on inter and 184 on expert

Dick Tost, Sr. dyostsr@agate.net Thu May 15 11:02:09 PDT 1997

I don't play games. I need to contact an emailer on Vashon Island,,

James Lee gt3417b@prism.gatech.edu Thu May 15 13:09:37 PDT 1997

Hello. I just thought I would share my best scores with every one here.

Beginner: 4 seconds Intermediate: 37 seconds Expert: 123 seconds

Eric Flannery m971962@baltic.nadn.navy.mil Mon May 19 14:46:07 PDT 1997

Greetings fellow minesweepers! The U.S. Navy is officer corps is well represented. beginner 2, intermediate 41, expert 122. Go Navy, Beat Army!

Chris Bizzano m970462@baltic.nadn.navy.mil Mon May 19 14:49:56 PDT 1997

Hello Minesweepers! My roomate and I play this game religiously. Here is my best expert--- 128 sec. We have dropped over 70 seconds off our time in the last two months. We WILL beat the 100 mark-- then on to the rest! Go Navy, Beat Army!

Dennis DennisMatveyev@msn.com Mon May 19 18:14:22 PDT 1997

Beginner: 8, Intermediate: 56, Expert:399--------This is my first win in expert.... Still trying to win the second time.....

Dennis DennisMatveyev@msn.com Mon May 19 19:45:26 PDT 1997

I have a question to the Expert minesweepers: How often do you win in expert game? (50%?, 75%, more?, less?)

Steve henshall@heald.edu Wed May 21 00:54:48 PDT 1997

One of the ladies at our school, (Michelle) has done expert in 147 secs..... sheesh!!! my best time is 470 seconds. Anyone know any cheats???? Just wanna post a good score to make 'em worry. I do have a life.... I do have a life.... I do have a life....

john dangerfield john.dangerfield@vu-wien.ac.at Thu May 22 07:08:38 PDT 1997

My best time on expert is 177 and i must stress that this is without any cheats at all for i know that many times are made with the aid of these esc, xyzzy etc. cheats. Its just not on is it! Inter. 46.

AMok Jester jester@smileyface.com Sat May 24 19:23:49 PDT 1997

Hi hi ... my times: beginner : 7sec, Inter : 40 sec, expert : 128 sec not too bad ... 55 sec is a bit incredible though

Gary FarahCon@aol.com Fri May 30 06:47:32 PDT 1997


Eric Lesch ejlesch@students.wisc.edu Mon Jun 2 22:34:40 PDT 1997

Wow, 55, that's incredible! My bests are 5, 28, and 87. I think I would need a new mouse to get below 87. Mine just isn't smooth enough anymore. =(

Joe Vukovich Vukovich.3@osu.edu Tue Jun 3 12:31:56 PDT 1997

Best time on Expert - 99 I have never heard of a better score until now.

Chris Cummings Clownstoo@aol.com Tue Jun 3 16:01:08 PDT 1997

Best scores to date; expert = 125 seconds, intermediate = 45 seconds beginner = 6 seconds. Excuse me while I go sweeping.....

Zeke Tamayo tamayot@egr.uri.edu Wed Jun 4 05:53:00 PDT 1997

Best scores: 5;27;87 -- It's been a while since I've played seriously. Without flags: --;30s;low 100s Try playing without using flags!!

Stephan Schwager bm665567@muenchen.org Wed Jun 4 07:28:23 PDT 1997

My times aren't thaaat fascinating, but anyway I am quite proud about me being so fast after only two months of practice Beginner 8; Intermediate 38; Expert 235 (I dont like Expert very much) Is there some sort of register for world or Europe records? CU Stephan

preston price none Wed Jun 4 14:37:48 PDT 1997

Hello I think that mine sweeper is way too addicting. Remember those times you were playing and you finnaly look at the clock and hours have gone by. That's when I quit playing asuming that I was probably the best player, until I saw this page. I started back up with the goal to be the best, my best time in expert level is 67(before quiting)without any cheats, I swear. I've been playing for years before I quit. My most recent time is 74. I'll update you when I get a better score. LATES!!!!

preston price none Wed Jun 4 14:38:29 PDT 1997

Hello I think that mine sweeper is way too addicting. Remember those times you were playing and you finnaly look at the clock and hours have gone by. That's when I quit playing asuming that I was probably the best player, until I saw this page. I started back up with the goal to be the best, my best time in expert level is 67(before quiting)without any cheats, I swear. I've been playing for years before I quit. My most recent time is 74. I'll update you when I get a better score. LATES!!!!

J.A.van der Zijden 1eyehans@worldonline.nl Wed Jun 4 19:25:32 PDT 1997

My best times are 5, 25, 89. I am glad I finally found out that there are faster times possible. Gives me an excuse to keep playing.

Bob snibor@mnm.earthreach.com Thu Jun 5 12:30:35 PDT 1997

Minesweeper is neat. 3 seconds for my best time.

PAUL PAULGRAY@USA.NET Sat Jun 7 00:31:54 PDT 1997


Brian bchu@ares.cs.siena.edu Sat Jun 7 10:30:54 PDT 1997

6/32/103 what I want to see is a quicktime video of someone doing a 60s board...

Craig Morrison morrison@halcyon.com Sun Jun 8 22:40:59 PDT 1997

I used to think I was the best player in the world 'till I got on the 'Net. I can see how 70's and maybe 60's would be possible, but 50's? I dunno. My best score is 86.

Anita Christian W.A, Australia Thu Jun 12 20:17:57 PDT 1997

Times update. I stopped flagging them and got from 101 to 95 in expert the all of a sudden I went to 78 and I was thrilled! It seemed to happen when I was getting fed up about not finishing and I it was really easy and I didn't realise I'd finished. My best time for beginner is 4 and intermediate is 25. Still room for improvement, definitely not flagging them is the key!

tom wintontr@bellsouth.net Thu Jun 12 21:15:31 PDT 1997

6, 35, 89. Beginner and intermediate have nothing to do with skill, especially if you don't care about blowing up! Stick with expert and learn new ways to solve. Can we have scores that are not "luck started", meaning mindlessly clicking and blowing up until you get lucky and clear a big area? Seems to take the skill out of the game when you do that.

rallan n/a Sat Jun 14 02:39:22 PDT 1997

Nice idea for a page, but I didn't like finding out how much better you guys are. My scores are Beg 8, Int 44, Exp 156. Also, I've managed to take out up to 180 mines on custom.

Tone mghirsch@gte.net Sun Jun 15 17:01:14 PDT 1997

Good to see that there are pages on the net for the things that really matter in life. I play compusively, but rigidly--intermediate level only, five hits to open up the board, and I use a mouse pad with delaminated edges to make it more challenging. Carpal tunnel syndrome is becoming a factor. Best score: 37.

Assaf akrauss@www-mail.huji.ac.il Sun Jun 15 18:16:59 PDT 1997

Hello to all addicts from your ambassador in the Middle East. Anybody else around here but me? Beginner - 4 Inter... - 26 Expert - 81

Davide Galletti davidega@mbox.vol.it Mon Jun 16 02:36:37 PDT 1997

Beginner 7, Intermediate 39, Expert 104 These were my best back in 1993, when I used to play quite a lot; now I can easily make an expert under 150. G'day to all

Barry Reid breid@athenaclc.com Mon Jun 16 10:15:58 PDT 1997

This is a cool game you're right. The thing I want to know is how many of these great times on expert are without the cheat codes? My best is 130 on expert without cheating.

Ward INTNS96 Tue Jun 17 07:30:17 PDT 1997

You're right, Minesweeper can be addicting. But, it certainly can be a time-filler while waiting on files to load, download, upload, etc.. My best scores are Beginner: 7 sec; Intermediate: 28 sec; Expert: 116 sec

PuzyASS Fukof@AOL.ca Wed Jun 18 13:22:06 PDT 1997

U guys smell like cheese!!!!!!!

KB Katbrad@AOL.com Wed Jun 18 21:47:27 PDT 1997

11, 55 & 229 :( What tricks am I missing other than the "double click" where you click L & R mouse buttons on a revealed tile next to a bomb to reveal a bunch of others around it?

Seanster unme@aloha.net Thu Jun 19 04:59:13 PDT 1997

Best Times: 5 Beg. / 38 Int. / 126 Exp. - Still trying to break that 100 second barrier!! IMPOSSIBLE!! See Ya!

Tim Mauriello tmauriello@aol.com Fri Jun 20 08:39:30 PDT 1997

I have hit 95 on expert 3 or 4 times and been under 100 a number of times... it takes a lot of practice!

Brian bchu@ares.cs.siena.edu Sat Jun 21 13:45:51 PDT 1997

hmm... this page is in need of some actual tips. So here we go.
The first pattern that I figured out was the 1-1-1 on a wall. What this means is, if you have | 1 1 1, where the | is the wall, the third '1' is clear. This is because the first '1' says that there has to be a bomb in either the first square or the second. since the second '1' is touching both the first and the second squares, the third one has to be clear.
By similar reasoning, if you have | 1 2 x where x is anything, the third square is a bomb!
Other tips:

good luck to all!


Brian bchu@ares.cs.siena.edu Mon Jun 23 11:22:17 PDT 1997

WOOHOO!!!! This weekend, I broke the ever-elusive 100 second barrier, with 98 seconds! it can be done afterall! now my top scores are: 5 / 36 / 98. =) -Brian

Pete DKMW89B@prodigy.com Wed Jun 25 08:26:40 PDT 1997

I'm not good at intermediate or expert but i got 2 seconds on beginner.

David Lau david_lau@hotmail.com Fri Jun 27 17:03:28 PDT 1997

I just started Minesweeper last week on my computer. It's totally addictive and intuitive. My current record is 252 seconds and dropping! Who made this game? They must have brilliant minds... June 27, 1997

Kueller kueller@usanet.com Sun Jun 29 17:19:16 PDT 1997

Got the local of this sight off of YAHOO!. I've been looking fer hexmine quite some time, and now I have it. Happy daze are here again! Kueller ps. Best on winmine Expert- 183

Brett balamb@seanet.com Sun Jun 29 18:47:57 PDT 1997

I'm not really sure how I got here...

Beginner: 8 secs Expert: 58 secs (no lie... but I've never come close to that since. These days I'm lucky to break 100)

Fred Lidskog swede@email.unc.edu Mon Jun 30 18:43:13 PDT 1997

Beginner: 4,Interm: 42, Expert: 142. Great to see a homepage dedicated to such a great little game. You've got to get a pretty damned good (and lucky) board layout to get a 55 on expert level I guess. (Kind of like my personal best on beginner in which I only had to press the button twice). Cheers on a great page.

Lord Minesweeper Pawinmr@teris.stortek.com Tue Jul 1 08:47:42 PDT 1997

Beginner: 3 seconds. Intermediate: 67 seconds. Expert: 164 seconds. I didn't know it was possible to get under 100 on expert without luck or cheating. If you don't use clearing (clicking both mouse buttons) then you can forget about a decent time unless you have bionic fingers :-). The original Minesweeper game should have more options and user preferences such as color, little pictures, background, etc. Feel free to mail me. MetallicA rules :-) Hack the Planet.

Eric Larsen larsee@krypton.mankato.msus.ed Wed Jul 2 09:17:25 PDT 1997

E:111 I:22 B:4 I'm quite disappointed in my Expert time, but I've lost hyper-touch (all times are without clearing, I _do_ have bionic fingers!), so it'll be a while before I get down to the 80-90 sec. range which I know I'm capable of.

Jay Wilson jwilson3@gte.net Thu Jul 3 19:54:00 PDT 1997

Nice web page. I was getting really curious to know what other minesweeper fans are getting for scores. My best times are: Beginner, 11; Intermediate, 56; Expert, 192. Before reading these notes, I had never considered playing without marking the bombs. I'll give it a try and see if I can shave some more seconds off my times. Thanks.

Bill Patterson codfish@ns.sympatico.ca Fri Jul 4 15:57:43 PDT 1997

Hope the downloads work. I lost a minesweep file during a hardrive cleanup. Beginner 12, Intermediate 26, Expert 335

Mary Jane Watson-Parker mskg@ozemail.com.au Sat Jul 5 03:53:56 PDT 1997

Have just started playing Minesweeper and my best score for beginner is 12 seconds.

Brian bchu@ares.cs.siena.edu Sat Jul 5 22:04:21 PDT 1997

I've started making a tips page! Check it out:
http://www.cs.siena.edu/bchu/minesweeper I think you'll enjoy it. ;) -Brian

Aaron Severn bob_severn@msn.com Sun Jul 6 20:38:12 PDT 1997

I just scored 82 on expert and felt I had to brag, it's my best yet. My other good expert times are 88, 88, 89, 89, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 93, 94, 94... (pretty consistent until tonight, eh). Anyway, I've also done 6 on beginner and 26 on intermediate. Cool page. Isn't mine sweeper the most addictive game ever?

Yolanda Chen ychen@MCI2000.com Mon Jul 7 14:08:21 PDT 1997

I am new in playing Minesweeper. And I have to admit, it's addicting! If anyone has some good tips and strategies, I would love to hear them! My best time on the beginner is 20, intermediate is 82, and expert is 450. I NEED SOME POINTERS!! :-)

Jan Seumenicht janche@usa.net Tue Jul 8 10:05:53 PDT 1997

I was very proud of my records bun unfortunately, after seeing this page, not anymore, I´ve played minesweeper a lot of time and my best time is 207 Exp. 54 Int. 4 Beg.

Glen Anderson Glanderson@aol.com Tue Jul 8 18:30:32 PDT 1997

New Scores Beg - 4, Int - 31, Exp - 100. Thats on Win95, my score on Win3.1 is lower. Before I found out you could clear by pressing both mouse buttons my scores were 8 - 43 - 130. I told myself I would quit after I broke the 100 mark, but I didnt break it I hit it, so its time to try some more. TAKE A DAM BREAK FROM THE GAME ALREADY !!!! After a couple weeks off your scores will drop!!! Out of all the hi-tech games we all have on our computers, we play Minesweeper...Dont figure?????

Jonathan Rempel jcrempel@acs.ucalgary.ca Wed Jul 9 14:29:43 PDT 1997

I'm pretty new at comparing my minesweeper scores, so I don't really know what's good and what isn't (especially for itermed. and expert). Anyways, my best score on beginneris 4 seconds. Is there a special "under 5" club/section or anything?

skippy seskfprj@ibmmail.com Sat Jul 12 17:12:17 PDT 1997

oh what fun

L-sa smarmy@cybernex.net Sun Jul 13 22:03:48 PDT 1997

I am and have been a devoted Minesweeper addict for about five years now. It's the best game in the world and sadly, very easily addictable. My embarrassingly good scores are: Beginner-6, Intermediate-35, and Expert-90. A penchant for procrastination has given me lots of practice.

damian damians@netmedia.net.il Sun Jul 13 23:15:11 PDT 1997

Best: B:2, I:36, E:206. (No lie, I saw at this book other guy that got 2 sec. Is like a BANG BANG!, no chance to re-make. Since that I stopped to play Beg.)

Jellie robertsa@demon.co.uk Mon Jul 14 15:00:58 PDT 1997

GODAMMIT! I have an Apple mac and haven't been able to find Minesweeper on the net to download yet, so I don't have a top score. I played it while on holiday and I'm hooked - I guess I'll just have to keep looking huh? Cool site though. Hope to be back some time with a score!!

Marie Marieb@infonie.fr Tue Jul 15 07:17:48 PDT 1997

Hello I'm just searching for the best score of the world of intermediate screen ;-)) Marie (from France)

Joan kkids@worldnet.att.net Tue Jul 15 12:31:13 PDT 1997

My best scores are 9 seconds on beginner and 107 on expert. I don't play the intermediate level. My goal before the end of the summer when I have to move out and start my job (I just graduated from college)is to beat 100 on expert.

Rick rickie50@mail.bcpl.lib.md.us Fri Jul 18 13:33:39 PDT 1997

I am in here looking for some help. Seems this might be the place to get it. How do I get sounds on my minesweeper? I know that sound is available but where and how? Thanks everybody....

Henrike none of your business Sun Jul 20 15:15:24 PDT 1997

Nice to know of other addicts around. My high scores are 8-Beginner (I don't play it often. Too boring!) 42 Intermediate (same as with beginners), 129 Expert. I have played it for a couple of years now, but not on a regular basis. But I really am addicted to this little game. Sometimes I even dream about it....

Louis louis@winac.co.za Mon Jul 21 03:43:13 PDT 1997

Hi ! Great to see that other people also have social problems related to minesweeper... I Hate minesweeper ! Especialy after I get my exam results back ;)) My times : B:7 I:38 E:125. I play Intermediate the most (doesnt take that long...) You can only look on your screen for SO long while sitting in class! Long Live Mindsweeper !

clay ryan http://paul.spu.edu/~claydoe/ Wed Jul 23 19:22:21 PDT 1997

B=7, I=39, E=106 Want to hear an extremely effective minesweeper tip which circumstances taught to me? Let me explain. My mouse kind of broke and was tracking very poorly. Now i'm not much of a minesweeper addict, but i tend to play occasionally when i have a lot on my mind and i'm thinking about other things. Anyway, after playing on my mouse, the first time i tried on a good mouse my score was phenominal! i was convinced that was the secret to fast sweeping - practice on a bad mouse. Kind of the same philosophy of the world's greatest runners, who practice at extremely high altitudes to build up endurance and make them even greater at normal altitudes.

Auer Alex a6213nbc@pcserv.univie.ac.at Thu Jul 24 06:06:58 PDT 1997

Hi Guys and MS Followers. Best score is 107 on Experts. I'll make the 100's and if I had to bite my ass off!!! GTX from Austria, Axl

Sean Chan sean@tsm.com.au Fri Jul 25 01:24:40 PDT 1997

Hi, WHAT THE HECK IS CLEARING?? What does it do?? Anyway, my best score without cheating, without marking, and without clearing is :-

B=2 I=29 X=

If someone could explain to me what clearing is and how to use it, that would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks, Sean

Therese Upperman upperman@hic.net Fri Jul 25 20:42:47 PDT 1997

where can I get a copy of this game? my husband deleted it from our computer. Thanks

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