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Advice for minesweeper

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Mouse handling

If you have marked all the mines which surround a box carrying a number, you can discover the remaining adjacent boxes while clicking simultaneously on this box with the both left and right buttons : it is the double click. If you did not mark all the mines surrounding this square, the unmarked square starts to flicker. In practice, it gives that :

When a mine has been identified
It is necessary to place a flag with the right button like this

You notice that the 2nd and the 3rd are already touching their mine. It is there that the DOUBLE-CLICK should be used : click with the 2 buttons at the same time. When you double-click on a box which has already its mines (example the 2 ), that uncovers the 's adjacent boxes.

Notice that to go more quickly, it is necessary to make the double-click on the box which most uncovered boxes to discover. Here, it is necessary to double-click on the 2nd .


That's what's explained in the assistance section. It is a fundamental point to go faster : you should familiarize yourself with the double-click. What you must do: right click on the box where you want to put a flag, and do not release the button. Move the mouse on the box for which the number of adjacent mines are marked (in fact the box on which you want to make the double-click). Left click on this box, and release only the left button. Start again to left click (only) on each box of which all the mines are already marked. Release the right button only when you want to mark another mine, or to discover a box alone with the left button. If that seems too complicated, don't do it, but if you use this method with a good control, you will save an valuable time. For my part, I recently discovered this kind of "slip" on the boxes, and I think that I will be able to improve my (piteous) records…


When you use the double clic :

  • if you don't have to mark mines as often (as around and ), mark a mine and double-click
  • do not mark around the large numbers (, , , ). Rather uncover the remaining boxes with your left button.
  • marking the mines helps to find where are the other mines. It is necessary to click a little more, but to think a little less. In the Expert mode, because of the higher density of mines, mark more mines than in the Intermediate mode, because you will have to think more. But remember that you don't need to mark the mines to win. Some strange guys recommend to play without the flags : a large effort of concentration, but with those which arrive there, I have one word: "bravissimo !"
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