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Murphy's Law Murphy's Law
Corollaries and derivated theorems

Murphy's Law

This Law, also called the Maximum Annoyance Law, or Sod's Law, is one of the greatest discoveries of the world. Here it is:
If anything can go wrong, it will.

Practical application

One of the most annoying parts of Minesweeper is the lack of luck. You often have to choose between two possibilities (or more), and it's luck that decides, especially near the end of the game. Luck will always make you do the wrong choice. Conclusion: it's bad luck.
Actually, like everything, Minesweeper is under Murphy's Law: a Minesweeper player's luck is inversly proportional to the probability of getting a record.

Corollaries and derived theorems

Basic Murphy's Law adapted to Minesweeper

If a game is going as well as it can, when the moment comes where only luck decides success, the wrong choice will always be made.
Corollary: especially if, knowing Basic Murphy's Law adapted to Minesweeper, the player tries to change his mind at the last moment.


Exception to the basic Murphy's Law adapted to Minesweeper

For some reason, unexplained for now, it seems that the law doesn't apply to Manuel "Lucky" Heider.


Mathematic curse of the "n minus one"

If a board has n 50-50s, you can only clear n-1.


Anti-statistical Law of variable probability of the 50-50

The later you are in a game, the harder it is to solve a 50-50. The probability of success diminishes to zero by the last clicks.
here is a video example (warning, it's terrible...)
Addition : even for non 50-50 last clicks, the probability goes to zero.
another example (terrible too...)


Luck distribution rule

Luck smiles only when records are already passed.
Corollary : Luck smiles a lot.

Here's an example (take this player's luck as a sign for his mediocrity, not his time)


Timing aberration of Robert Donner and Curt Johnson

The timer starts at 1 second.


Conflicting relationships Law between mouse cursor and mousepad

The distance between the mouse and the edge of the mousepad is less than the distance that the cursor has to go to get to the other side of the board.


Magnetic Law of low 3BV boards

- Cold hand attracts low 3BVs
- Warmed-up and skilled hand attracts high 3BVs.


Runtime error Law of Dennis Lütken

Only when you break your record will you get the resounding "Runtime error" message on your screen, and lose the result of course.


Great opening Law

If n left-clicks are done for the start:
- the n-minus-one-th click finds a great opening
- the n-th click is a mine.


Mouse wire Law

Any wireless mouse is useless for Minesweeper.
Any wired mouse will wedge its wire when you're about to do a record.
addition to the Mouse wire Law: hoping you can play with a touchpad worthless.


Disappointed observation of the missed game on a stupid error

Oh... it was a 105 3BV board!


Cardiac Law of the timer eye-checking

Any eye-checking to the timer during a game will make you notice that the record is really possible, and will multiply your heart rate by 2, preventing you from getting the record.
Corollary: since you can't endlessly multiply by 2, avoid looking at the timer too much.
Remark: the time you lose by checking the timer is equal to the time you would have needed to break you record.


Active Ranking's deadline Law

[20:00:03 GMT] By the way, when is the next deadline?

Here you can find other Murphy's Laws.

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