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Most asked questions


Here is a list of the frenquently asked questions... with their answer !

Where can I download Minesweeper ?
How to make a screenshot ?
How to make a video ?
Where can I download some videos ?
How can I make 1sec at beginner ?
What is the Top50 ? How can I register ?
I am registered. How can I update my records ?
How can I know that the records are true ?

Where can I download Minesweeper ?

I did not think I would have to answer such questions, but as many people asked for it... The Minesweeper is downloadable on this site, in the 'downloads' section, at the following address : Winmine98. Please notice, that it is the Windows 98's version, the only accepted for beginner records, because it has 8x8 squares.

How to make a screenshot ?

Push simultaneously the "print scrn" key, and the "alt" key. Then, go to a drawing software and choose the option "paste", what should paste the last screenshot. Then save your file into JPEG format, and it is done !
Learn more on this page.

How to make a video ?

Nothing is more simple : you download the Camtasia software (6.98 Mb), you install it (don't forget to check the box which updates codecs for Windows Media Player). You only have to click the red button to sart recording. In the 'Input' menu, you can choose the area of the screen to be recorded.
Then you start the Minesweeper, and you record your exploits!!
Learn more on this page.

Where can I download some videos ??

Go to the 'vidéos' section on the site, where I included links towards sites proposing videos from the best players of the world, especially Lasse Nyholm's, world #1.

How can I make 1 sec at beginner ?

It is not a mystery, and it is really possible ! The arrangement of mines can be such that a single click discovers all the squares. Sometimes, some players obtain records of 1 second on board requiring more than a click, but it is necessary to be very quick...


What is the Top50 ? How to register ?

The Top50 is a list of the best French-speaking players. It includes all the French-speaking players whose times are lower than 10 seconds to the beginner, 40 secondes to the intermediate, and 120 seconds to the expert. Why only the French-speaking ? Because other persons have generally only a purpose : figuring in Damien Moore's list, webmaster of the reference-site about Minesweeper... My wish is to make my site the reference for every French-speaking player...
To join it, simply go on the page Top50, and click 'registration', if you're french-speaking of course :p

I am registered. How can I update my records ?

Before the automatic update is technically possible, you have to send me an email so that I update it...

How can I know that the records are true ?

It's impossible ! Regrettably, the system of screenshot of the records is based on the confidence between the players. It is naturally very easy to create fake screenshots, to block the stopwatch, or other dark-methods to increase its classification. But the Minesweeper community should have a certain mentality, which preserve them not to fall at this level...
An interessant point is that you can authenticate in theory your records with a video... Obviously there will be always somebody able to create a fake video, but it is more difficult than a screenshot. Another problem is that someone can appropriate records of the other persons... It is for it that I recommend you to show the date or your name on the video that you are recording (Camtasia option).

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