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Current version of Minesweeper Clone has the following features:

  • Everything found on the original Minesweeper.

  • Can generate boards with large sizes.

  • Can generate boards with big density of mines.

  • Measures time in thousandths of second.

  • Enables to save and load videos of games, so that you can watch any game again.

  • Enables to save and load boards of games, so that you can play any board again.

  • Records all finished games in a history.

  • Displays a huge amount of graphics and tables of the history, so that you can analyze every aspect of your progression and performance.

  • Has a fully customizable counters window that displays lots of indexes of the game, giving any information you might want to know about the game.

  • Enables to create custom indexes based on any parameter of the game, in a very simple and intuitive way. Perfect for those who like to search for better indicators for games.

  • Can be configured to save videos automatically if they match user-defined criteria, saving considerable amount of time and avoiding to forget to save videos of good games.

  • Can be configured to give custom names to video files, using parameters of the game, so that they can be more easily identified.

  • Has a complete table of buttons with indexes to assist typing formulas, conditions and names of files, as well as examples of them, to help the user not to make accidental mistakes.

  • Has a more complete high scores window, displaying several types of records, as well as non-flagging records.

  • Enables to create custom high scores, as well as to enable or disable the existing ones.

  • Has four game modes: Classic, Density, UPK and Cheat.

  • Has three built-in skins.

  • Ability to reveal the board under the squares after games and on Cheat mode.

  • Ability to edit the postitions of the mines manually, on Cheat mode.

  • Detects and points out the important events of videos, allowing to jump the video playback directly to the moment of the desired event.

  • And much more...