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Minesweeper Clone can be downloaded from the link below:

MINESWEEPER CLONE 2007 release 2

It is freeware, and can be freely distributed for non-commercial purposes.

NOTE: If you has been already using a version of Minesweeper Clone prior to version 2006 release 1 (verison 0.97 beta and earlier) and want to keep using your previous history file, it is important to remember to import it to the new Clone 2006/2007 format, using the button "Import history", in the history window.

In addition to this, in order to run Minesweeper Clone, it is necessary to install first .NET Framework, from Microsoft. It can be downloaded freely from Microsoft site following this link. To install it, it may be necessary to install first Windows Installer, also from Microsoft, and it can be found on this link.

Here is a mirror for downloads: .NET Framework can be downloaded here and Windows Installer can be downloaded here.