Daniel Brim – 1-14-53 – 8/9/06

So, where to begin? My name is Daniel Brim, I’m 18 years old. I’m a student at Northeastern University, where I am studying engineering. I live in Boston during the school year, and make my permanent residence in California when I’m not studying. As of when I’m writing this, I have not been back there and swept (except for the 3-18-76 I got in a hotel in Boston, but that’s another story). However my main sweeping setup is on a laptop, so once I get back there, I should adapt quickly.

I always knew about minesweeper. My father played it a lot when I was a little kid (his best expert time was 210 or thereabouts), and I solved a few beginner games here and there, mostly in front of him to display that I was moderately competent. None of them were very good, but it felt good to see the guy with the sunglasses appear at the top. Fast forward to July 2005. I was incredibly bored one night, and was going to be up all night because we were driving 1000 miles the next day and I wanted to sleep through a decent chunk of the ride. I was basically out of things to do, so I opened up minesweeper. I solved a few games, all beginner and intermediate; I couldn’t make it through expert yet. After the drive back I didn’t pick it up for awhile.

Now fast forward to September 2005. By then I’d finished a few expert games, mostly in an effort to beat my dad’s best expert time. I was getting blasts that were most definitely on pace for sub-200, but I couldn’t finish any of them. Finally, I got a 209. It was shortly after that that I discovered Damien’s site, top hit on a google search for “minesweeper”. Although I didn’t understand all of the terminology used, I did stumble upon Rodrigo’s clone. I didn’t want to post until I finished clone games on all of the levels. Finally, on September 15th, I finished a 185 and I posted in the guestbook with 6-50-185. Unlike most people who post in the GB, I stuck around and posted records, including when I took off 56 seconds off of my records in one day (6-50-185 --> 5-40-140).

I progressed rather quickly after that, breaking sub100 sometime in October, I believe. I made bestever on January 1st, 2006, when I got my first sub80 (a 77), bringing my total to 2-20-77. At that time I was involved rather heavily in a rivalry with Jake Warner (who was Levente Jakab at the time) and tailed him down into the upper-mid 60s over about two months. He even visited me in person, where I managed to teach him a few things about hidden patters. He eventually passed me, his final blow being when he sub60d when I was at 66. Of course, now he’s 2nd on bestever. I like to think that I gave him the greatest fight out of anybody he tried to pass, but I suppose you’ll have to ask him.

Anyhow, my ultimate goal is to sub50. I feel that I have the mentality to do so, but it still will be a lot of work. My style is weird and will most likely have to be refined. I bridge the gap between brutal and efficient at times. I only flag 40-50 per (average) expert game, but I chord too much relative to those flags. Hopefully I can arrive at that point by the end of the year, depending on a lot of things.

Anyhow, that’s all I have bio-wise, here’s my records progressions (with syndromes if applicable and if I can remember them)


330ish --> 209 --> 185 --> 140 --> 135 --> 126 --> 123 --> 113 --> 111 --> 106 --> 98(H) --> 93(H)x3 --> 88 --> 86 --> 84x3 --> 83 --> 82 --> 81 --> 80 --> 77 --> 75 --> 74 --> 72x2 --> 71--> 70 --> 69 --> 67 --> 66x3 --> 65 --> 64 --> 61(H) --> 57 --> 53


50+ --> 50 --> 45 --> 41 --> 40 --> 39 --> 35 --> 33 --> 31 --> 27x2 --> 24x6 --> 23 --> 22 --> 20x5 --> 18x3 --> 17 --> 16x4 --> 14x2 (currently)


6 --> 5xn --> 4xn --> 3 --> 2x19 --> 1

H – Hopsing (setting both a time and 3bv/s record on the same board)

N – Placeholder indicating that a long syndrome did take place, but I don’t remember the specifics

In addition, I do pay attention to some statistics that many people would find rather esoteric, especially RQP. I’m not convinced by “shcutistics” yet, but once those are finalized, I may pay attention more.