This page was last updated on: 4 January 2001

There are lots of sites dedicted to minesweeper on the net (like this one), which are the result of dedicated sweepers trying to do their bit to popularize the game we love. One of them, by a Canadian called Damien Moore stands out as the most comprehensive site containing everything from tips, world records, links, downloads, cheats, profiles, guestbook and more. This is undoubtedly the result of sincere dedication and a lot of hard work and determination for one thing: Minesweeper, that tiny little game that we all take for granted (not us 'sweepers) which comes bundled with Windows. Truly, minesweeper has changed our lives (it's changed mine) and above all, it's too bloody addicitve!!! All thanks to Damien Moore for everything and his site.

My name is Ryan Gazder, I'm a die hard minesweeper fan and currently world ranked 21. I'm brilliant, witty, charming and captivating with a magnetic personality that the girls just can't get enough of. I have 22" biceps and Mehr Jessia is one of my many girlfriends. I can go on and on but since modesty is one of my better virtues I'll now tell you some of the lesser interesting things about me. I'm currently in my senior year at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (India) and will major in Aerospace Engineering in Spring 2001.

Since this page is primarily about minesweeper, my best times are:

My current world rank is a joint 21 (see it here) with Ross Berg (3, 25, 69), Trevor Schultz (4, 22, 71) and Jeff Gessert (3, 23, 71) of USA. We have the same 21st ranked World Speed Index of 0.577 (caculated by total scores divided by total mines for all levels)

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Here's a photo of me!

Handsome little devil, aren't I?

If anyone has anything to say and any suggestions to make regarding this site, e-mail me and I will consider trying my best to make a conscious effort to decide whether or not to delve into looking into the existence of the exremely remote possibility that I might want to think about entertaining it at all. In short, maybe not. In English, e-mail me with your suggestions and comments; they will be most unwelcome and irritating. (I'd also like to mention here that I wrote the above extra long sentence to show off. Hey! I'm creative too!)