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When playing Minesweeper, you often encounter situations, in which you cannot derivate, where a mine is. You have to guess and you only have a fifty-fifty chance. Since it does not matter, when you guess, it is the best thing to directly guess and open a square, when you see such a situation. Otherwise, you could loose by finding a mine and the whole stuff you opened was useless.

So, if you see one of the following situations, make your guess instantly.

One way to save valuable time is by making the same guess every time - like opening the square at the border in the next example. Think of this as being one of the standard situations, where the position of the mine is determined by the numbers.

The first three situations, which you should know, are nearly the same. There is only one mine missing in the two unopened squares:

Another way to speed up playing is: If you have to choose between only two squares, click near the line between them. Depending on your exact mouse position, one of the two squares will open. The advantage of clicking somewhere in the middle of the squares is that you do not have to move your mouse precisely - you have to click in a bigger area, which can be done a bit quicker than clicking on a single square. In the above example, you would click somewhere into the red circle:

In the next situation there are two mines missing, diagonal up right or diagonal down right.

If you are playing the basic minesweeper, you should know this situation:

The only squares you can open are:

But you have to guess sometime where the three mines are (all in the left square of the square-pairs or under the right square?), so do it fast.

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