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In this chapter, I simply want to present some minor examples of the situations of the last chapter. The examples were the beginnings of minesweeper games - you do not have to start with a huge open area. There is a reason, why I took these examples: You do not even need to know what is under the squares you opened in order to gain the position of every mine in the field. Sadly this is no standard behaviour of minesweeper.

Example 1

This is the first example:

The 1-2-1-situation should blink in your eye:

Now you can mark the mines at the edges:

Now the outer "2"'s are flanked by a mine, each now lacking one more mine. With the "2" in the middle this is equivalent to another 1-2-1-situation:

And now we know the position of every mine in this part of a bigger map, without even knowing what the white question marks stand for.

Example 2

The only situations you see, are two pairs of a "1" at the side of a "2". But the left one (the lower left "2" and the "1" above it) is no real 1-2-situation, since at the opposite side of the "1" there are three unopened squares under the "2". So we have to start with the second 1-2-pair (the lower right "1" and the "2" in the middle of the bottom row):

But now we can mark the mine for the second "1" at the right column:

And then left-right-click at the upper right "1":

Another marking and left-right-clicking:

And another one:

And finally we mark the last mine (in reality you would not do this, it's only for the finish of this example):

Example 3

Another time we have got two 1-2-pairs, only one of these is a real 1-2-situation:

Now the upper left "2" need only one more mine, building a new 1-2-situation with the "2" below it (no, this must not blink in your eye):

Now we mark the mine of the top left "1":

And go on circling and left-right-clicking:

And finally we mark the last mine for this example:

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