The Road to Minesweeper

The road to Minesweeper is a never ending one. Occassionally there are bumps, ruts and even forks in the road. This guide has been designed to start you on the path to Minesweeper mastery. However, this guide is no way complete, as no one can show you the path. Only through your experiences in Minesweeper, will you truely see the path to Mastery.

Like Minesweeper, this guide you are reading has no real beginning or end. More teachings will be added as the path is uncovered further.

Your studies will be made easier if you possess simple logic. An example of simple logic would be the student who sticks his finger in a fire, burns himself and from that day forth never sticks his finger in a fire again. It has been noted by many scholars of Minesweeper that everybody is born with simple logic that represents thousands of years of evolution that can be simply stated as a “do this and this happens” type of logic. However, many people, either through some cranial trauma or genetic defect, lose their simple logic and therefore will never understand Minesweeper. They are the individuals that use CD ROM trays as cup holders or do not know how to use the on/off switch on an external modem.

Go study Minesweeper now!

© Alex Perel, 1997