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Name: Sam Christensen
Location: Ridgecrest, CA, U.S.A.
Date: Tuesday, October 6, 1998, 11:04:10 pm
Best times do far are 4,44,135. Need to improve on iintermediate and expert, but i play about 5 hours a day, so I will get lucky sometime

Name: Alper
Date: Monday, October 5, 1998, 11:35:21 am
I started playing 2 months ago and I am still improving. But I don't think I can beat 150 for expert. The scores in this page are incredible. Mine are b:7, I:44, E:197.

Name:Matthias Benkmann
Location: Munich, BY, Germany
Date: Wednesday, September 30, 1998, 4:51:39 pm
My enhanced MineSweeper program is out and canbe downloaded from my Homepage. It has some nicefeatures, the best probably being the solvabilityguarantee. No guessing, if you don't want to haveit. MSB

Name: mojca
Location: europe, slovenia
Date: Tuesday, September 29, 1998, 2:02:45 am
my best times: b-3, i-39, e-114. i thought i was close to the best ones, but i can see i am still far away. i will keep on trying....i love this game!

Name:Clint Olsen
Location: Kitchener, ON, Canada
Date: Saturday, September 19, 1998, 8:04:09 pm
My best times are beginner-4, intermediate-24, expert-75. If you do not believe me, then go to my minesweeper web site and check out the pics. I've also included a hall of fame for expert level, so submit your times at my site.

Name: Ariel Lundeen-Goldschlag
Date: Saturday, September 19, 1998, 3:42:40 pm
I guess I'm about in the middle here. B:6, I:30, and I just got a 104 on expert a few minutes ago.

Name:Brian Chu
Date: Friday, September 18, 1998, 8:48:33 am
I doubt many of them... I'm sure that most peopleaddicted enough to the game to have visited this site would have spent quite a bit of time staring at a screen full of little grey boxes. =)

Location: Springfield, MO, USA
Date: Tuesday, September 15, 1998, 5:18:44 pm
I wonder how many of these people are BULLSHITTING about their scores! B-8 I-45 E-140Now those are true scores!

Name: Sondra
Location: CT, USA
Date: Saturday, September 5, 1998, 11:06:40 pm
B-4, I-28, E-90

Name: Tim
Location: Tonbridge, Kent, UK
Date: Saturday, September 5, 1998, 2:49:10 pm
I checked on some scores using the member directory with AOL and saw a few good scores there - some on this beat them however - wow - sub 80 for expertI have B - 7, I - 38, E - 133 (using Win 3.1)I was pleased to get sub 40 for the ntermediate - and aim for sub 99 for the expertGreat web page by the way

Name: Bryan Lowe
Location: Hamilton, MT, USA
Date: Friday, August 28, 1998, 11:24:55 pm
B-3 I-27 E-100Six years later I made it this far. From some of the scores I see in this list I see I have a ways to go.

Name: Vlad Voroninski
Location: Foster City, CA, USA
Date: Thursday, August 27, 1998, 11:33:11 pm
My best scores are 6 seconds, 37 seconds, and 142 seconds. Thanks for the tips.

Name:Kevin Sterner
Location: Lansdowne, PA, USA
Date: Thursday, August 27, 1998, 12:16:15 pm
I like to play minesweeper with custom settings.Lately, I've been playing on a 24x24 grid with 155 bombs. I almost never win, but I have won three games. I don't know what my fastest time is, but I think it was 485.The key to winning is not only being able to solve the fully determined situations, but to weigh relative risks when you have to guess.Anyone play with bomb densities higher than .269?

Name: Vincent
Location: Hong Kong
Date: Thursday, August 27, 1998, 1:58:26 am
B=3; I=22; E=76. B and I were done on my Windows 3.1. while E was done on Win95. wow. i thought i was somewhat special (coz my friends aren't interested on this) until i found this page. i was so happy. that i am not the rare ones who would go crazy on minesweeper. and i discovered that B is really a lucky trial... and what i need is to practise more, or be more lucky, so that i can score better times :)

Name:Roxane Gaal
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US
Date: Saturday, August 22, 1998, 11:38:31 pm
What is it about this game that is so addictive? I play it while I'm talking on the phone, or waiting for a Website to load, or taking a break from typing something, or trying to get myself sleepy in the middle of the night, or even if I've got some problems to think over! Best times: B=6; I=28; E=108 (which I don't think I'll ever beat, but will keep trying forever!) I like the Intermediate best; I think it's the most "friendly"... Congrats on a great Webpage!

Name: Scott Nielsen
Location: Rexburg, Idaho, USA
Date: Tuesday, July 28, 1998, 5:58:44 pm
I started playing minesweeper seriously about three weeks ago, and am already having dreams about those little numbers and flags. I love the game and will spend hours, literally, sweeping the field. My best scores are Beginner: 7, Intermediate: 45 (did that earlier tonight), and Expert: 217 (I'm not professional like you guys but it took me at least 12 hrs of playing time to even beat expert. So I am coming along. Good luck to all.

Name: Craig Leone
Location: Little Rock, AR, USA
Date: Monday, June 15, 1998, 11:50:02 am
B=2 sec, I=21 sec ,E=86 sec. I have been playing this game for years. The 2 sec is pure luck. I just scored the 21 sec on May 20 of this year. I actually have a screen capture of this one.

Name: Lucinda Lo
Location: Liverpool, UK or Malaysia
Date: Monday, June 8, 1998, 2:59:52 pm
Thank you displaying your minesweeper win 3.1I deliberately deleted the game from my notebook during my exam time due to addiction and I was desperately searching for the game for days. Thank you.

Location: ON, Canada
Date: Saturday, June 6, 1998, 11:21:44 am
Great Page! I too am a Minesweeper addict, and had a ~100 time in Expert mode on my Win3x machine, but I lost that score when I switched to Win95. Still trying to break that barrier, but my stupid mouse often "sticks" so I hit the square beside the one I wanted to! Really frustrating. I might just buy a new mouse so I play minesweeper with the best of you.Besides the fun aspect of the game, I think it has more to give us, such as increased logic abilities. I started playing this game when I was six or seven years old, and now I can kick anyones ass in logic-based games at school.

Name: Aaron Vandermeer
Location: Halstad, MN, USA
Date: Friday, June 5, 1998, 2:10:27 pm
B = 5; I = 28; E = 98. Have seen a 3 on Beginner by a guy who couldn't solve the Intermediate puzzle. Nice site... some good scores. I'll keep trying. Can anyone suggest an optimal monitor size or mouse model?

Name: Tammy Grigsby
Location: New Haven, CT, US
Date: Monday, June 1, 1998, 2:07:55 pm
I'm glad to have found you guys. I love this game!

Name: John Dieterich
Location: Clinton, NY, US
Date: Monday, April 13, 1998, 11:27:24 am
5 for the beginner, 34 for Intermediate, 106 for Expert! I believe that it is gentically and biologically impossible for me to beat these scores,BUT I KEEP TRYING!

Location: JOHNSON, NY, USA
Date: Sunday, April 5, 1998, 9:52:44 am

Name: J.D. Julander
Location: Hooper, UT, USA
Date: Tuesday, March 3, 1998, 10:19:03 am
None at this time.

Name: Rebecca
Location: PA, USA
Date: Friday, February 20, 1998, 4:57:29 pm
It's an addiction (especially when you start seeing the game in your sleep!). Best times... Beginners - 5; Intermediate - 31; Advanced - 97.

Name:Stefan Pettersson
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Date: Tuesday, February 3, 1998, 1:33:14 am
Really great minesweeper page. For those interested in an alternate minesweeper, please go to my homepage (link above) and have look and download. Thanks.

Name:Chris Paradise
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Date: Tuesday, January 20, 1998, 9:04:05 pm
The link above is to my minesweeper page. Right now the best feature is the intermediate hall of fame. Please email me those sub 30 times and I will post them ASAP

Name: Chris Paradise
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA
Date: Tuesday, January 20, 1998, 2:24:12 am
Hi. I am trying to compile a web page of all sub-30 intermediate times that I can find. Please email me any times under 30, and pictures of those under 20. When the page is operational I will post the address here and I will email anyone who I heard from. Thank you.

Name: Tom
Location: MA, USA
Date: Monday, January 19, 1998, 10:50:20 am
I've often wondered about myself and if I'm addicted to the game...now I realize I am. I actuallt had a dream about minesweeper last nigh and often, before I drift off into a deep sleep, I come up with new patterns in my head and go through various solutions etc. Best Times= B=4, I=66, E=163

Name: Jonas Johansson
Location: Kalmar, Sweden
Date: Friday, December 26, 1997, 10:40:10 am
Hi everybody!I just want to say how happy i am to finally find people who likes winmine.My records areBeginner, 5 seconds; Intermediate, 33 seconds; and advanced 128 seconds. Merry Christmas everyone!

Name: Marc Schouten
Location: Delft, The Netherlands
Date: Friday, December 12, 1997, 7:26:51 pm
Well, it seems I've got the best expert time on this guestbook. That's nice. Of course, I don't pretend to be among the world's elite (yet), with only 4, beginner, 28 intermediate and 74 expert.I think I'll be playing some more intermediate, after having seen some low twenties and even high teens.Keep sweeping !

Date: Tuesday, December 9, 1997, 10:19:03 am
Cool page. Visit my fan page if you like (in German).Thomas

Name:Alex Perel
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Date: Saturday, November 29, 1997, 10:15:56 pm
Best times are as follows:Beginner: 7, Intermediate: 35, Expert: 94I am aiminig for under 90!

Name:Clint Knowles
Location: Corvallis, OR,
Date: Tuesday, November 25, 1997, 1:51:20 pm
My high scores are as follows.Beginner: 3 sec.Intermediate: 28 sec.Advanced: 85 sec.

Name: Bjorn Eklof
Location: Sweden
Date: Monday, November 17, 1997, 11:29:26 am
My records at minesweeper are: beginner 7, int 37 and expert 120. I'm aiming for a time under 100 sec. I didn't think it was possible to getunder one minute, then I saw your page...

Name: Paul & Nancy Sisson
Location: Lansing, MI, USA
Date: Thursday, November 6, 1997, 9:22:47 pm
My high score was 162 for about a year until Nancy got 158 last month. Are there any other husband/wife teams out there?We don't have a clue how anyone can get under 100 let alone under 60. I think I have too much "Minesweeper Elbow" to get scores like that.What do you do for recreation?

Name: Nick
Location: Worthing, England
Date: Saturday, October 25, 1997, 2:30:34 pm
My high score on the expert level is 131 seconds achieved 25/10/97previously it was 135 set on 20/10/97. Prior to that it was 151 but thatwas years ago a guy I know has done 149 but again that was years ago.Nick.P.S. There is a guy on the web thats done expert in 98 seconds!!!!!!!!

Name: Eng Tat Khor
Location: PJ, S'gor, Malaysia
Date: Tuesday, October 21, 1997, 3:41:32 pm
Hey Minesweepers, i have : begin :7, int :39 and just scored125 for expert an hour ago. thought i was God.until i saw you people.geezz... at least i'm still the best among my friends.(not that any of them play....)

Name: Kasey
Location: Springfield, MO, U.S
Date: Monday, October 13, 1997, 1:28:05 pm
I started playing last summer, and got hooked. Beg-4 Int-25 Exp-86.

Location: Carrollton, TX, USA
Date: Monday, September 29, 1997, 10:15:12 pm
my high scores are beg - 9 int. - 49. and exp. - 155. I thought i was good til I saw some other peoples scores, now I stink.

Location: TX, USA
Date: Monday, September 22, 1997, 7:40:42 pm
(sorry about the double signing, i made a typo in my email)

Location: TX, USA
Date: Monday, September 22, 1997, 7:39:44 pm
Wow, those are some good scores, you even beat mine :( doh, and I was proud of it

Location: CP, NY, UKnowWhere - Jeez
Date: Thursday, September 18, 1997, 10:10:30 am
Ok... The cheat was something along the lines of xyzzy[left shift][enter]... It doesnt work in Win 95/NT... However, if you hexedit winmine.exe, you will see that the string xyzzy still exists in there. I wondering if its the same code, just that maybe it doesn't work with the GDI's... just a thought.

Name:Brian Chu
Date: Tuesday, July 8, 1997, 2:46:26 pm
Welcome to my Minesweeper guestbook!Please drop a line, and include your high scores and anything else you feel like talking about.

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