Xiaohu Zhang


My homepage is at www.stanford.edu/~zhangxh

My name is Xiaohu Zhang and my English name is Tom. I am from
China, and I came to USA to pursue PhD study in statistics in 1999. So now I am in my 6th year in Stanford University, Statistics Department and I will finish soon.

I fell in love with the game minesweeper when I was in my 2nd year in college. That was the Win 3.0 version. The best time I got in
China was 91 sec for expert. After I came to USA, under all the stress, pressure etc from school work, life change, etc, my interest in minesweeper persists. I don't play a lot during the busy days or the "down" days. The improvement of scores has been steady but very slow. I managed to improve in the path of 72-66-62-60-58-56-54-53-52 in about 4 years. I don't expect to become the real top sweepers, because I feel my absolute speed of hand movement and finger clicking is too slow. I feel happy that I rank 1st in efficiency for the clone version. And I think I can sub-50 some day.

Besides being a minesweeper, I am a peace-lover, advocator of using "
Beijing University" over "Peking University", advocator of the "Purifying Chinese Language Movement", believer in human-beings-are-machines, inventer of the board game "six-in-a-row", fan of John Lennon, Andre Agassi, and Yao Ming's NBA team Houston Rockets.