Gergely Nagy


Hello Everyone!  I’m Gergely Nagy from Hungary. I was born in 1984. My hometown is called Törökszentmiklós /let’s leave the pronounciation! J /, but nowadays, I spend a lot of time at Budapest, as I study economics with advanced mathematics there at university. However, I intend to learn psychology in the near future besides economics. I speak English, French and learnt a little Latin, too. These aren’t my only interests: I nearly went to an other university to be some sort of engineer, because I was interested in physics, too.


By the way, I think games are real spices of life: I like many types of them. That’s why sport games play an important part in my life: I like playing soccer, basketball, floorball and table tennis. Plus, I was a lower-class registered player in handball, but I gave that up when I went to university. By the way, I like reading, especially contemporary novels in the style of magical realism. My favourite author is now Salman Rushdie. After one for the body and one for the mind, here’s for the eyes: I like watching movies. I prefer European films, particularly Spanish ones (from directors like Almodóvar), because these are also for the mind. Finally, for the stomach: tea. I’m a real fool of this drink. Most people can’t imagine what can be loved so much in this ordinary drink, but there are many-many sorts of quality teas, that are extraordinarily delicious. For instance, here’s a website which allows introduction into the world of teas: So, this is me: I wish I lived in the 16th century to be a real renaissance man (although then I couldn’t play minesweeper J)!


My kind of minesweeper: I discovered this game about 4 years ago, but it’s been only 2.5 years since I’ve taken it a bit more seriously and started playing more. When I broke the 100-barrier, I searched the net for results and found Damien’s site and the results, which of course shocked me a bit. But I just stored the main numbers in my mind, and left without posting a single hello to anywhere (I didn’t have internet connection at that time). Then, for almost 2 years, I didn’t follow the improvements of the results, until I went down from 72 to 64 on expert on January 14 this year. I thought myself good enough to appear on some kind of best ever-list – and yes!, I was right J My results were 2-23-64 then, but I thought it was only the expert which was counted. At that time there was exam season at university and I had to wait ‘til the next to improve my expert and to make my first and up to now (July 29, 2004) the only sub-20 intermediate board. So my results are 2-18-61 now.

As far as I can remember, my expert score improved by the following steps: 97 à 94 à 93 à 92 à 90 à 81 à 72 à 64 à 61. It’s always the same method: as a start, there’s a record, which I slowly approach again, second by second. Then I break it by numerous seconds, but after it, I can’t repeat this production for weeks, sometimes months. Finally, the cycle closes. I’m in the (very) slow approaching stage now, as my best results in the last few weeks were 6-7 seconds slower than my record, though the clone history shows permanent improvement on average. My playing style is totally flagger. I know that it’s also very ineffective, that’s why I improve my records as written above. Usually I overflag by a respectable amount, but one of a hundred games turns out to be effective, and that’s popup-window-time! J

For my style: I don’t use mouse mat (I had a super one, but that’s out of order now and haven’t found any like that since months.) and usually listen to some fast music during gameplay. I start with clicking around fast, then if there’s an opening and I don’t blow up in the first few steps and also have luck with guessing, I finish many games. In average I play approximately 8 hours a week, this summer a bit more.

For me, the goal of playing minesweeper is to beat the times of the best Hungarian guy (2-13-47 now), so maybe I’ll never quit playing J Instead of treating it like a mind-wrecking one I think of this game as something that helps me to relax and think over the things of life.

Good Luck and Happy Sweeping: