Ed Rhoads


Edward Rhoads
Minneapolis, MN
School:  University of Minnesota
          working on Ph.D. in Astrophysics
          est. graduation - January
          my school homepage:  http:\\www.astro.umn.edu\~erhoads (kinda boring though, but some    links to some cool pictures)
Area of Research - looking for icy objects in the outer solar system (known as Trans-Neptunian Objects, or TNOs for short) using data taken in the 50's.

Astronomy (obviously)
Computer Games - Minesweeper, Nonosweeper, Civilization III, Utopia
Science Fiction
American Football (watching) and fantasy Football
playing sports (especially Soccer, aka, non-American Football...)

My minesweeper story:
My first minesweeper experience dates all the way back to high school (10 years ago).  The computers in the room I took Physics in had minesweeper on them, and as I am a big fan of strategy based games, I very quickly became addicted to the game.  I played a little here and a little there over then next few years (I didn't have my own computer until grad school).

Then, in grad school, my brother started to tell me about the minesweeper clone, which I eventually downloaded.  The clone resparked my liking of minesweeper.  Don't get me wrong, the original version is nice, but after awhile you set some decent times, and then it is tough to break them, and the enjoyment wanes.  However, the clone allowed me to be competitive with myself even when I wasn't setting high scores (after all there is always that average time to lower...).

Then, when my brother told me about the rankings, I got more excited about minesweeper.  Now I could compete with everyone (and I am VERY competitive!).  I started playing seriously, trying to figure out the patterns instead of just playing for entertainment.  My times have slowly come down ever since.

So, now I find myself playing every day trying to get average values for the day that are better than my overall average.  When
midnight hits, and a new day starts, the first thing I want to do is play a little minesweeper.

Well, that is all I have time to write, have to get some stuff done so that I will have a little more time to play Minesweeper.

Edward Rhoads