Daniele Gatto


My name is Daniele Gatto, I知 23 years old, and I live in Istrana, a little town near Venice in Italy. I知 still at the University of Padua, studying computer science. I really like playing soccer, and I知 a supporter of Juventus! Even if we left the Champions League.. sigh.. ;) Other hobbies are computer, athletics (just on TV), swimming, and of course minesweeper! I really like listening to every kind of music, I like going on mountain with my friends, and I like to have fun! I started playing seriously minesweeper when I saw my friend XF playing: his expert time was 92, mine was 108. It was about 2 years ago. I decided that I wanted to beat him! I tried to improve my technique, and times started going down... 96, 86, 85, 80, 74, 72, 71, 67, and finally 65! I made it twice, but at the moment I can't obtain great times, because university is taking me so much time... ;) I found the active ranking and the Authoritative Minesweeper searching "minesweeper" on Google...and now I知 always on the active ranking. :) I have a little website dedicated to minesweeper, Robert Miles (my favourite artist!), personal photos, and some links. I値l improve it soon, when I finish my exams! The link is http://maresias.interfree.it/index.html . You can find it also typing http://dampyr.has.it , which is a redirection.