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The Minesweeper Archive: Links to Dead Websites

Master Sites

The Intermediate Hall of Fame
A ranking for Sub20 Intermediate players with profiles, mouse reviews, videos and many articles. Created by Matt McGinley on 24 Mar 2001 and updated until 28 Nov 2002.

B.O.M.B. Minesweeper Clan Homepage
German ranking and the first 3BVS World Ranking. Homepage for a group of German minesweeper players. Created by Fabian Reffel on 21 Jul 2004 and updated until 11 Jan 2007.

Authoritative Minesweeper Site (03 Oct 2004)
An archived version of the current site. AMS had not been actively maintained for over a year and this version was shortly after some major updates to the rankings. Created by Damien Moore on 6 Apr 2000 the site continues at (31 Dec 2007)
This is the last version of the entire site. (The Homepage was updated until 04 Aug 2009).


The Unofficial Minesweeper Page (05 Dec 1998) or you view the Guestbook
Tips and many downloads. This was one of the 3 big sites of the 1990's. Created by Patrick Fox 24 Oct 1996 and maintained until 11 Mar 2000.

Minesweeper Tips by Brian Chu or you can download the original Guestbook
This site was the center of the minesweeper community for many years and its Guestbook is an important part of sweeping history. The site also has tips for Beginners and some interesting facts. Created by Brian Chu on 3 Jul 1997 and updated until 3 May 1999.

Hall of the Minesweeper
A fun introduction to minesweeper and learning patterns. Guestbook was an important part of the early minesweeper community. Created by Alex Perel at least from 6 Jul 1997 and updated until at least 22 Aug 1999.

Minesweeper Central
Unfinished site with Expert score ranking and personal records. Created by Clint Olsen around 19 Sep 1998 and updated at least to 23 Jan 1999. He also ran a small jokes site called Comedy Central.

Jovan Milosevic (Canada) made some strategy pages, started an Expert ranking and made some notes about the game. Created 09 Aug 1999 it lasted for less than a year and just a few fragmented pages exist here. Demise was likely due to owner joining the Authoritative Minesweeper site in 2000.

Strategy Only

The Minesweeper Strategy Page
This was the best minesweeper strategy page for many years. Many examples and tips. Created by Frank Wester on 12 Aug 1997 and updated until 29 Aug 2000.

Minesweeper Strategy by Jim Loy
Probably the first ever strategy page for minesweeper. A few examples and tips. Written by Jim Loy sometime in 1996.

Minesweeper Strategies and Tactics
A list of minesweeper tips and tricks written by John LeFlohic on 14 Feb 1999.

Minesweeper for Beginners
An introduction to minesweeper and basic strategy. Amusing to read now with its claims that scores under 20s on Beginner require extreme skill or luck! Created by Sam Sloan on 14 Apr 1997.

Jack Welsby's Minesweeper Page (20 Dec 1998) (10 Sep 2000)
Tips for speed and discussions about NF, Custom and adding sound to the game. Created by Jack Welsby sometime in 1996 and updated until 10 Sep 2000.

Rankings Only

Expert World Records (03 Jan 1997) (20 Jan 1998)
The first ever minesweeper ranking with nearly 150 Expert players. Created by Wacharin Wichirimala on 15 May 1996 and updated until 20 Jan 1998.

Intermediate Minesweeper World Records
The first ever Intermediate ranking, for Sub30 players. Created by Chris Paradise on 20 Jan 1998 and updated until 12 Feb 1999.

Minesweeper Top 50
This site had a one page Top50 Expert list but erased it to support the Authoritative Minesweeper site. Created by Ryan Gazder at least by 25 Jan 2000 and updated until 4 Jan 2001.

The Active Ranking
A ranking of the best minesweeper players every two weeks using scores made during that time. This archive contains all rankings 2002-2004 hosted on various sites. Rankings for 2005-2006 are part of the Planet Minesweeper archive.

China Mine Ranking (11 Dec 2004) (16 May 2003)
The first ranking of Chinese players. Created by Ruan Yi early in 2003 and updated for two years. Some tips, strategy and a few articles borrowed from Authoritative Minesweeper.

Humour Only

Minesweeper at Work
A humourous article about minesweeper. Written by Nick Taylor, it appeared in the University of Waterloo Faculty of Mathematics Student Newspaper Vol 78 Issue 4 on 23 Oct 1998.

Minesweeper: Drinking Game
This was part of a small wiki owned by Ron Penton in 2004 and 2005.

Other Interesting

International Campaign to Ban Winmine
Site of an Italian group trying to ban winmine as an offence to landmines. The group is partly responsible for XP Italian being released with Prato Fiorito instead of Campo Minato. Created by Sergio Chiodo on 16 Feb 1999 and updated until 31 Aug 2001.

Version Homepages

Minesweeper Clone
Official homepage for the Clone by Rodrigo Camargo. Site went offline on 27 Oct 2009. It had also been hosted at Planet Minesweeper (see archive).

A few minesweeper thoughts and the homepage of Opensweeper, a version that penalises you for guessing. Site created by Jean-Claude Chetrit on 25 Sep 1998.

Personal Pages

Dan Cerveny (1-11-44)
Bio and stats with pictures and videos of best games. Updated to 30 Jan 2004, offline on 27 Oct 2009.

Martin Toft Madsen (1-13-49) (2004) (2007)
Videos and pictures of best games.

Charles Yu (2-16-58)
His best videos and a few links. Updated until early 2004, offline on 27 Oct 2009.

Daniele Gatto (2-16-60)
Italian website with some tips and his screenshots and videos. Retired in 2004.

Sebastian Schmitt (2-19-69)
A few words about the game. Maintained from 2001 until 2007.

Mark Peters (4-17-72)
A few words and pictures of his records. Site updated until 1998 or 1999.

Not Ready Yet

Minesweeper Pursuits
Edu Cros (Spain) wrote several versions of Minesweeper and created some 'Pursuits' that used similar logic. He started a ranking as well, but abandoned his projects to focus attention on Project Minesweeper Utopia. Site was updated until July 2003.

Planet Minesweeper
Planet Minesweeper (English version). The Clone ranking pages do not work yet. The French copy of the site will be here eventually, but the profile pages for the France country ranking are lost. Site started 1 Sep 2001 and last update was March or April 2007. Site went offline in May 2009.